Sunday, October 21, 2007

What happened?

Are images of “The Drive,” “The Shot,” ”The Fumble,” etc. rushing back?
Are you visualizing David Justice hitting a home run for the Braves in the 6th game of the ’95 World Series?
Can you still feel the hurt from Mesa and Nagy letting game 7 of the ’97 World Series go bad?
How about going back to the start of the ’54 World Series for the original “catch” in the Polo Grounds?
Why can’t Cleveland win a championship?
Not since the 1964 Browns has any major Cleveland sports team won a championship, but why?
It would not be sour grapes to mention that the umpiring in this ALCS has been inconsistent at best. How many umpires does it take to call a home run fair or foul?
Why is it that what appears to be two identical pitches make for a 1 and 1 pitch count?
I don’t think anyone would disagree that the umpiring could have been better but the Boston pitching has certainly done a much better job than the Cleveland pitching at making pitch adjustments.
OK, that had to be said.
So why can’t Cleveland win a championship?
Well, they still can. There is a 7th game.
We have come too far and been through too much to give up.
We can still win this!
Jake Westbrook will be pitching for the Tribe and he has truly been the best starter vs. the Red Sox in this ALCS.
Dice K is scheduled to pitch for Boston but word is Josh Beckett will be standing by for relief.
It doesn’t matter. To win this, we must hit no matter who pitches.
Oh, and in case we do not win…
Please don’t have a party in downtown Cleveland like the one for the Cavaliers when they got swept by the Spurs in the NBA finals.
If you keep having parties for losing teams, you will never win a championship.
So it is very difficult to be positive for the 7th game.
The Cleveland fans should not give up.
The Cleveland Indians better not give up, that's not their style.
That will be the measure for whether this team is a champion or not.

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