Thursday, October 18, 2007


Thursday, October 18, 2007, 7:45 PM...
Ring, ring, ring!
"Urgent Care, how may I assist you?"
"I can't feel my heart!"
"Are you in pain?"
"No, actually I feel great, but I can't feel my heart!"
"OK, calm down. Are you able to get up and move around?"
"Oh yes, I just can't feel anything where my heart should be!"
"Alright, describe your symptoms to me and please be specific."
"Well, It's like, nothing...lightness...hollow! What's wrong with me?"
"Is that your television I hear in the background?"
"Actually the TV is on but the sound is turned down...what you hear is the radio."
"Ahh, I think I know what it is now. Are you a Cleveland Indians fan?"
"Yes sir, the biggest and best in the land!"
"Nothing to worry about. Everyone in Cleveland is having a little anxiety attack right before the big game."
Yes, heh heh, Really!"
"Well doc, what should I do?"
"Try to relax, by 11:45 tonight, you will be gushing with feeling and emotion in your entire body."
"So, I got nothing to worry about?"
"No, your heart is fine."
"Thanks doc, but I meant about the Indians."
"The Indians are going to the World Series and they will clinch it tonight."

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