Sunday, October 7, 2007

Not Our Night!

Well, it wasn't our night to clinch.
Not tonight, not when you are hitting Clemens and he leaves injured.
Not tonight, not when your starting pitching can't hold a 3 run lead.
Not tonight, not when your reliever throws gasoline on the fire.
Not tonight, not when your hitting shuts down after 3 innings.
The good thing is that we did get to Clemens early.
So we go to Monday night.
The Cleveland Indians need to plan.
They need to make a plan that spells out g-o f-o-r t-h-e k-i-l-l.
Who will pitch for the Yankees...Mussina, Chien-Ming Wang again with short rest, it doesn't matter. Your best line-up has got to hit whoever they throw and support Paul Byrd and the bullpen.
G-o F-o-r T-h-e K-i-l-l!


andrew said...

What do you think - Byrd or C.C. on short rest?

Big Daddy said...
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