Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here Manny!

Just Do It!
What have you got to lose?

Batting                                                  ML Batting
Order   Name            Position     Bats   Average
1.          E. Carrera     LF               L    .244
2.          A. Cabrera    SS                S    .278
3.          S. Choo         RF               L    .288
4.          C. Santana    1B                S    .248
5.          R. Canzler     DH              R    .288
6.          M. Brantley   CF               L    .272
7.          J. Kipnis         2B              L    .256
8.          L. Chisenhall 3B              L    .263
9.          L. Marson       C               R    .220

Then find a catcher for next season.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What If? More Like WTF!

What If? A must see "tribute" to our current team and ownership...

The Cleveland Indians organization has further proved to be an employer of choice after the Dolans recently told their fans as well as the baseball world that the VP, GM, and team manager's jobs were all safe.
That is the kind of job security we all seek, zero accountability to performance.
Case in point, GM Chris Antonetti was quoted as telling the media yesterday that the problem with the Cleveland Indians is that they have given up far too many runs and haven't scored enough. Chris, be forewarned next time that you are giving away the secret to baseball success that you really should have kept to yourself. When you work long and hard to work out that winning formula, putting it out there for just any team to copy is like, well, asking for your current fortunes to continue. Let's not give the teams residing at the bottom of their divisions any advantage over us with such a profound blueprint to success.
Asked if resigning Grady Sizemore to a $5M contract was a mistake, Chris answered, "We have a plan in place for him." But Chris, can you be sure that Grady's surgically repaired knees can withstand the constant trauma of pounding the steps at Progressive Field hawking cold beer in the stands?
While the ownership of this team is not held in high, no make that any regard with me, the Cleveland Indians will always be my team.
It's just that this year...I miss baseball way too early. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What The Hell Happened?

What The Hell Happened?
Is the current edition of this Cleveland Indians club really this bad?
Did they stay close enough in contention by 7/31 to avoid a fire sale?
Why won't they try to sign Choo?
Is Manny Acta going through the motions?
Will the Indians' deep thinkers keep Acta and lose Sandy Alomar Jr. to another team as a manager with no experience managing a major league team?
Did Astrubal Cabrera get disgusted and give up?
Who is more brittle, Travis Hafner or Grady Sizemore?
Would you really put as much of an investment in Casey Kotchman's defense and let him continue to take up such valuable space in the batting order? What would Earl Weaver do?
Is there no major league catcher out there that can secure the position behind the plate, hit for power and and free Santana to play 1st base and hit like he is capable of?
When the season began, did you have any confidence at all in the starting pitchers?
Do you really think Nick Hagedon hurt his hand the way he said he did?
Roberto or Fausto, what's the difference? Did you really expect any change? What should we call him, Bert?...Bugs?...Gone?
Do you really think Grady will ever play this game again?
Do you take the bobble heads when offered at certain games or do you say, "No thanks!"?
Brent Who?
Do you find humor in the hecklers that once pissed you off?
Have you stopped watching?
Do you remember when the Indians were leading all teams in sold out games?
What the hell happened?