Sunday, March 1, 2009

We Are Still 1-3!

Yes, Carl Pavano, one of the "stars" from past manager Joe Torre's book "The Yankee Years" had a very solid 2 inning outing yesterday, but we still lost the game.
I so want to like Indians' manager Eric Wedge but I can't help but find him one of the most stubborn individuals in the organization. I would bet he and new Browns' head coach Eric Mangini would just hit it off great together. Can't you just see them singing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" together and not missing a single bottle?
Yeah, everyone and their great, great grandmother knows that the spring training games are a testing ground and don't mean a thing whether you win or lose 'em...or do they?
Yes, this is an extra long spring training due to the "other" baseball tournament that merely serves as a distraction to what needs to be done. But why so many triple and double A players getting so much playing time? What about "B" games for those guys?
There is too much at stake early on. I want to know who is healthy and who is not. I want to know if Barfield is real this year as he is off to a great start (I hope, I hope, I hope). I want to know that they can't be serious about Garko playing anywhere but 1st base. I want to see De Rosa at 3rd, Cabrera at 2nd, Peralta at short, and this team starting to come together even though it is early.
Most of all, I want to see winning habits taking shape and stop the experimentations in the "A" games that will never, never, never come to fruition.
Play ball, manage ball, win ball!