Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How Do you See Things?

This is how Mark Shapiro sees himself wheeling and dealing Cleveland Indians' soon-to-be free agents;

This is how the fans in Cleveland see Shapiro's deal making;

This is how Braylon Edwards sees the city of Cleveland;

This is how the fans and coaches in Cleveland repeatedly saw Braylon Edwards;

LeBron's "Lady" sees the fans of Cleveland as unfair to the King;

You know what? I hated to see the guy go but we can take consolation in one thing...He didn't go to New York!

Today was "Take Your Best Shot At Cleveland Day!"

Is that all you got????

It's the Dog Days of Summer and tempers flare more and more at the old ballgame.

Did you see the Cards and Reds tonight?

Check it out;


Lovely, isn't it? And it was all pretty much started by a guy who holds the City of Cleveland in just as high esteem as anyone, Brandon Phillips.

Perhaps Milton Bradley would like to drive through Cuyahoga Falls for old time sake...Oh, bad idea Milty!

Why not have an Albert Belle bobble head night? Shake him just a little bit and he smashes a thermostat in the clubhouse, or hits a guy in the face with a ping pong paddle, or throws a strike at a camera man's chest, or...runs down some teens in his SUV.

We love and worship our sports heroes here in the city that once gave itself the phrase, "Best Location In The Nation!"

They just don't love us back!