Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How Do You Like What You Are Seeing Now, Shapiro?

The Indians lose their 3rd game in a row as their offense fails to come to the ballpark once again. Hey, but here is the good news...tonight's game was the 27th of the season and that means that we only have to put up with about 8 more games before Vice President and General Manager Mark Shapiro decides it is time to react!
The one game we CAN win is the options game! Up comes Francisco, down goes Francisco. Up comes Sowers, down goes Sowers. Up comes Snyder, down goes Snyder. Up comes Laffey...Come on, stop this crap! What the #@&!!!! is Andy Marte doing on this team?????
Cut your losses on this guy, the Marte Experiment is over! It failed!!!
This guy is taking up valuable space on the bench playing very limited, and when he does, he lethargically sucks!

What about the pitching????
Raphael Betancourt is a great set-up man, or was until the ALCS! He's not our closer!!!
We can't keep wasting these great starting pitching performances with no support.
The batting order better get a shake-up. What did they bring up Snyder for on Sunday, brunch?

This team is so much better than 3 games under .500 and we are losing to the likes of the Mariners, Twins, and a Yankees team that hasn't found their stride yet.

Fix Hafner! Shake-up the lineup! Stop screwing with the bullpen! Get pissed over the called 3rd strikes! Stop the revolving door with Buffalo! And get rid of Marte!!!

Game #35 is May 8th, 9 days away...put the goddam cell phone away and kick ass!

He's Broke, Fix Him!

C.C. Sabathia was not pitching well since before October 5th, 2007. Just last week, the coaching staff of the Cleveland Indians discovered he had a problem with his windup, delivery, and his release. Since then, C.C. has had two outstanding pitching performances and he has returned to his "Ace" status. That's a long time to figure things out. The Indians are not going to just come out of their slump by themselves just as C.C. was not going to come out of his mechanical problems by himself.

So what are they waiting for with Travis Hafner? Travis, a fan favorite who is a tremendous talent, has been struggling since early last year. Currently, he has struck out 26 times in 96 at bats. That leads the Indians and is tie for 3rd in the American League. In his last two games, "Pronk" has struck out 3 times and 2 of those 3 were called third strikes. If Haf is having mechanical problems, analyze his swing and get him straight already!

But one thing that can be corrected immediately is this team's tendency to look at strike three. That needs to stop ASAP! In their last 2 games, the Indians have struck out 19 times and 8 of those strike outs have been lookers! In those 2 games, they lost by a total of 4 runs. What would a swing put on each strike three have produced? Who knows but the outcome would at least have had an opportunity to improve. ASAP the looking must stop and improvement, no matter how slight would be welcome!

Maybe we need legendary Cleveland Indians manager Lou Brown to lay down the law, just like he did in the movie Major League...

"The next time you take a called third strike, you owe me 50 push ups!"

Come on Wedge, lay down the law!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sweet Spot? Not If You Don't Swing...

So it has been said that the hardest feat in any sport is to hit a baseball. A round object thrown at another round object certainly makes for a strong argument that it is the hardest feat in sports to hit a baseball well consistently.
But if you don't swing, you either walk, get called out on strikes, or get hit by the pitch.
Today the Cleveland Indians failed to score any runs in support of their ace, C.C. Sabathia.
No one wants to give up an easy out. Getting picked off 1st, making the first or last out of an inning going to 3rd, etc. But what about looking at pitches?
The Indians had 13 strikeouts today and almost half, 6 were called strike 3s.
Michaels and Cabrera struck out twice swinging.
Gutierrez was called out on strikes.
Hafner was called out on strikes.
Peralta struck out twice, once called out.
Blake struck out twice, once called out.
Garko struck out three times, twice called out.
The Indians are 5th highest in the American league in strike outs at 167. Of the 4 teams with more strike outs than the Indians, two are leading their division.
The point is, called strike outs are easy outs and should be addressed as an opportunity for this team.
We've one two out of three from the Yankees and both wins were very impressive. But you got to score to win and you got to swing to score.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Did You See That? Good, Because The Umpires Didn’t!

The Cleveland Indians toughed out a dramatic win from the New York Yankees this afternoon at Progressive Field. Scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the second inning, LHP Jeremy Sowers flirted with disaster often but managed to keep the Yankees scoreless until the top of the sixth inning when he loaded the bases. He gave way to reliever Jensen Lewis who gave up a game-tying triple to Jorge Posada who was pinch hitting for Jose Molina.
The advantages of replay were not available to sort out a couple of calls that went wrong.
In the bottom of the sixth inning, Franklin Gutierrez came to the plate with runners on 1st and second and no outs. His mission was obvious, bunt the runners into scoring position. As he squared around to bunt, he made contact with the ball, the ball glanced off of the bat, hit Gutierrez in the left shin, and rolled into fair territory. He was thrown out at 1st and the job was done but in reality the runners should have been returned to 1st and 2nd with Gutierrez receiving a strike call on the play. The 4 umpires met to discuss the play and decided to let it stand. Casey Blake smashes a line drive to 3rd baseman Ensberg who beat Jhonny Peralta back to the bag for an inning-ending double play.

In the 8th inning, Victor Martinez was apparently forced out at second base but the replay showed that he apparently was not out. On a ground ball to shortstop Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano (now playing 2nd base) bobbled the ball from Jeter and failed to have control as Victor slid into the bag. Indians’ manager Eric Wedge was livid over the call, was tossed by umpire Derryl Cousins, and then proceeded to get his money’s worth of the ejection and the blown calls.
After reliever Masa Kobayashi induced a top of the ninth inning-ending double play, the Indians were not to be denied the victory that they earned. After Casey Blake went down swinging, Grady Sizemore singled and David Dellucci advanced Grady to second with a single. As Grady looked to right field to determine if he should try for 3rd base, he jammed his left ankle on 2nd base and a collective crowd gasped as he came up limping. After testing the ankle with coaches and trainer, Grady, favoring the ankle was caught by the camera telling the coaches in no uncertain terms, “I’ll play!”
With lefty Travis Hafner at the plate facing righty Ross Olendorf, Jorge Posada let a ball pass and the runners advanced to 2nd and 3rd. Hafner was intentionally walked to load the bases and set up the double play with one out.
Up to the plate walks Victor Martinez who could be seen shaking his head “yes” repeatedly and telling himself what he needed to do while banging his right fist on the side of his batting helmet. Everyone knew their part; Grady on 3rd would go home on the ground or tag and score on a fly. Dellucci on 2nd had to get to 3rd base safely. Hafner had to take out the pivot man at 2nd base on a ground ball. Victor had to lift the ball or hit safely to score Sizemore. With a 1-1 count, Victor appeared “locked in” as he hit an opposite field line drive to win the game!
So the Indians win a season high 5 games in a row by beating the Yankees 4-3.

I hope you saw the game. If you didn’t, you can join the umpire crew and see the replay to see what everyone missed!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Last Chance...

There is still time to trade in those baseball gloves for...

Go Tribe!
Go Bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yankees, Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

They're back! Just in time for the Yankees series! Well, it may not be the Midges that pestered the Yankees on October 6, 2007 but bugs are back and swarming! These bugs are Mayflies and because of the very unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing, the Mayflies are into an early hatch. Anyone who has been working out in the yard or just spending any time outside at all in the Cleveland area has experienced the swarms of Mayflies! Expect the Mayflies to gather at Progressive field over the weekend, beginning with Friday night. They will be attracted by the bright lights and the warmth of the crowd.
Yankees, you have been warned! Turn back before it is too late!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Open Letter To The Cleveland Indians...

Remember These Guys?
The long, cold winter may have helped numb the disappointment of losing the ALCS to the Red Sox in 7 games, but it did nothing to dull the memory of the season-long excitement of finding a way to win almost every day. The thrill of beating the Yankees in the ALDS kept many a fan's heart warm anticipating the 2008 season. You were the darlings of the playoffs; the underdogs, and for a while, America's team.
Like Bill Murray (as John Winger) in "Stripes" said, "We're all very different people. We're not Watusi, we're not Spartans, we're Americans. With a capital "A", huh? And you know what that means? Do you? That means that our forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world. We are the wretched refuse. We're the underdog. We're mutts."
No one thought much of your chances last year except the believers, that core of dedicated fans that believes every year is the year...oh yeah, and you guys...you obviously believed in yourselves last year or you couldn't have possibly accomplished what you did, getting within a whisker of the World Series.
So what's up this year?
Your General Manager and your skipper think things are going to turn around. They are not going to pull any triggers until things don't improve after 35-40 games. That's too long to wait and nobody in the minors can do what you guys can do.
This is basically the same team that captured the imagination and excitement of, not only a city, but an entire country.
If you can't turn it around, so be it. We've all been there before. We stuck with this team through many a bad time. We will stick with you again and again because we are mutts and underdogs too.
But, if you think you are up to it, there is no limit to what you could accomplish, the proof being in last season.
Who could ever forget the scene in the movie "Major League" when the team came together:
Lou Brown: [at a team meeting] "Can I have your attention, please?" [picks up a bat and leans on it like a walking stick] "I have something I think you all ought to know about.It seems that Mrs. Phelps doesn't think too highly of our worth. She put this team together because she thought we'd be bad enough to finish dead last, knocking attendance down to the point where she could move the team to Miami... and get rid of all of us for better personnel."
Roger Dorn: "Even me?"
Lou Brown: "Even you, Dorn."
Eddie Harris: "What if we DON'T finish last?"
Lou Brown: "She'll REPLACE you with somebody who WILL. After this season, you'll be sent back to the minors or given your outright release."
Jake Taylor: [Jake stands up] "Well then I guess there's only one thing left to do."
Roger Dorn: "What's that?"
Jake Taylor: "Win the whole f---ing thing." [long pause]
Willie Mays Hayes: [Willie stands up] "Yeah."
Pedro Cerrano: [Pedro pounds his hand] "YES!"
The season, or at least the remainder of the first quarter of the season is in your hands...Believe it!

Monday, April 21, 2008

No Loss Today!

The Cleveland Indians will not lose today...Guaranteed!
OK, OK so they don't play today but isn't that good?
Better than that, they cannot lose anymore ground in the Central Division because Chicago is off today as well! The only risk is that Detroit beats Toronto and pulls us within one-half game of last place.
Watch the Cavs slam the Wizards!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What Would You Do?

If you were Mark Shapiro, Vice President and General Manager of the Cleveland Indians, what would you do about the poor start of the team?
Shapiro continues to state that it is too early to react. In defining “react” by Shapiro’s terms, that means changing the 25 man roster by bringing up a pitcher, hitter, or position player for reasons other than to replace an injured player.
Although a couple of the decisions to who made up the 25 man roster breaking training camp were scrutinized, most of the problems the Indians are having probably could not be corrected with new bodies.
Instead, the fans are looking for a reaction with the current team, or better said, they are looking for a reaction FROM the current team.
It appears that the defense has improved recently and so has the pitching, with the exception of C.C. Sabathia. The offense, on the other hand, has failed to improve and that is the root of the problems of the 7 – 11 Cleveland Indians.
What about C.C.?
The speculation has been anything from mechanical, to physical, to contract negotiations weighing heavy on his mind, to this leader trying to carry the team on his shoulders since the playoffs last season. It was reported that Fausto Carmona’s delivery needed a mechanical tune-up. Fausto worked on the adjustments and it appears that this pitcher has returned to form. C.C.’s delivery and follow-through appear to be out of sync since October. I still maintain that because C.C. was not getting the strike calls in the playoffs that he was getting all season long, he is unable to make minor adjustments to his pitch locations and he is over-compensating by leaving the ball to close to the “hot zone” for most batters. C.C. needs two things; he needs to regain his confidence in locating his pitches low and away as well as low and in and he needs to have a road game where he gets run support to allow him to find this confidence. Tuesday against the Royals will do just fine.
What about the offense?
I have not read much of anything about extra batting practice. All we know is that manager Eric Wedge finally became frustrated on Thursday and called a closed-door meeting. The results were an 11 run assault on the Tigers with a fantastic pitching performance by Carmona and a strong relief performance as well. The effects of that meeting carried through the next night as the Indians beat the Twins 4-0. However, the “butt-chewing” might have cooled off unless young pitcher Blackburn was just that over-powering on the offense Saturday. We will see today as the offense faces RHP Scott Baker who is 1-1 vs. the Indians with a 2.80 ERA.
RHP Paul Byrd goes for the Tribe and he has a 6-1 record in the Metrodome with a 2.11 ERA.

If I were Mark Shapiro, I would be mandating a reaction FROM this team before they get a reaction from Shapiro.

Look for the Indians to rebound this afternoon and take only their second series of the young season.

Otherwise, Eric-bar-the-doors and get ready to do your best impression of “Jaws!”

What A Difference A Week Makes…Or Not!

One week ago, our Indians had a record of 4 wins and 7 losses for a .364 winning percentage.
After Saturday’s game, we have a record of 7 wins and 11 losses for a .389 winning percentage.
Let’s compare other categories against the 14 team American League:
Batting Average – Stayed at 13th
Runs Scored – Stayed at 9th
Hits – Declined from 12th to 13th
RBIs – Stayed at 9th
Walks – Improved from 10th to 9th
Striking Out – Improved from 4th to 5th
On Base Percentage – Improved from 11th to 10th
Slugging Percentage – Declined from 10th to 13th
ERA – Improved from 13th to 11th
Walks Allowed – Improved from 3rd to 4th
Strike Outs – Improved from 10th to 5th
Home Runs Allowed – Improved from 1st to 2nd
Hits Allowed – Improved from 4th to 6th
Runs Allowed – Improved from 3rd to 5th
Fielding Percentage – Improved from 8th to 4th
Errors – Improved from 6th to 9th
Passed Balls – Stayed at 1st
After seven more games, our winning percentage increased a meager .025 mainly because our pitching and defense improved, but our offense continued to be in peril.
So in a week’s time, there has been some improvement, but not nearly enough.
Perhaps the corrections are in place but they are going to take a little more time to reverse the results. After all, Eric Wedge’s closed door meeting only took place this past Thursday afternoon. We may have to wait a few more games, say 4 more? That brings the Yankees to town for a 4-game series starting Friday night. That puts “A Reaction” a little bit closer to Mark Shapiro’s “plan” to wait to react until 35-45 games into the season.
All I know is it is getting harder to watch the inconsistencies of this team. I’ve been to the old stadium many times and been part of some record setting small crowds. We have had some lean times when we thought the team would be sold or moved and we stuck with them. But this team is so much better than what they are producing.
Beat the Twins today. Put the Royals in their place. Hone your skills for the big series with the Yankees. Start playing baseball instead of looking to justify inconsistent and underachieving play.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Behind Closed Doors, Things Get Done!

The brain trust that is the Cleveland Indians management says things are under control.
V.P. and General Manager Mark Shapiro, in speaking of the club's dismal start coming off the shellacking last night by the Tigers, still thinks "We're O.K.!" Speaking of the 5 - 10 start and the team's lackluster play, Mark said, "It necessitates concern, but not action."
Mark, I am not convinced that you are in the right career, but I sure am glad you didn't choose E.R. doctor.
"Dr. Shapiro, the patient is in cardiac arrest with internal bleeding!"
"Let's not get emotional nurse, we have a long night ahead of us, his condition may change."

Manager Eric Wedge, on the other hand decided it was time to address the team...Ya think?!
He held a team meeting this afternoon and word is he expressed his displeasure with the team and their play during the first 15 games.
Well, something kicked this team in the butt as they went out and beat up the Tigers in an 11 - 1 rout!

Fausto Carmona was sensational giving up only one run, mostly in part to some retaliation by hitting two players in the 6th inning. At any rate, he raised his record to 2-1 and lowered his ERA to 1.96!
The offense came through with 11 runs and the bullpen kept the Tigers scoreless after relieving Carmona.

There was no love lost between the teams as both benches were warned tonight!
Now on to Minnesota. Cliff Lee, who has been our most stable starter gets the nod tomorrow night. There is absolutely no reason that this team cannot take all three games over the weekend from the Twins.
It may take another ass-chewing to get it done though!

The Lights Were On But...

Progressive Field was the scene of a terrible mauling last night as the Tigers consumed the hometown warriors as they were offered in sacrifice in front of a horrified crowd. 13-2 was the final and it was all Tigers as they all but "insured" they would begin their "progressive" climb out of the Central Division basement tonight.

The Tigers wait in the dugout for their feeding last night.

Newly acquired Miguel Cabrera talks about his role with the Tigers in the Central Division of the American League.

It got so bad, Indians all-star catcher Victor Martinez lost count of how many base runners there were as he failed to tag a runner at home on a no-force play.
(Note to Mark Shapiro: That play alone should send you a message that if you wait for game #40 to make some adjustments, you will be blinded by the glare of the lights coming off of the empty seats. C.C. needs help as does the rest of this team. 15 games is more than enough to realize it's not going to happen by itself.)
To add insult to injury, another Detroit team beat up our Cavs on the same night in the basketball season finale.
Want more?
OK, today is the 48th anniversary of one of the worst trades in the history of the Cleveland Indians. Hometown hero Rocky Colavito was traded...to the Detroit Tigers for Harvey Kuenn.

We need a hero to step up and lead this team NOW because apparently there won't be any assistance coming from the coaches or the front office.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Major League Release!

This just in from Major League Baseball:

Effective immediately, the 12 run Mercy Rule will be in effect for the remainder of the season for all Cleveland Indians games. Commissioner Bud Selig took this a step further by initiating a "line-up approval" process by the league for every remaining Indians game. Said Bud, "I got the idea from the Cleveland Cavaliers of the '70s. Cavs owner Ted Stepien was forced to get league approval before any trade could be completed." Ted Stepien is best remembered for tanking the Cavaliers theme song and replacing it with a polka.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What Happened To Our Tribe????

April 15, 2008

Boston at Cleveland

Paul Byrd pitches a very impressive 6 innings giving up 1 run on 6 hits with 6 strike outs. He leaves the game with a lead of 2-1. Then it happens...

  • Indians manager Eric Wedge brings in Jorge Julio to relieve Byrd. It is rumored that Wedge is injured and will go on the disabled list.

  • Jorge Julio relieves in the seventh inning with the Indians ahead 2-1 and walks the only two batter he faces. It is rumored that Julio is injured and will go on the disabled list.

  • Rafael Perez relieves with 0 outs in the seventh and two runs score. Perez is credited with the blown save and it is rumored that Perez is injured and will go on the disabled list.

  • Jensen Lewis relieves and gets out of the jam. In the top of the ninth, Lewis gives up two runs to ensure a Red Sox victory of 5-3. It is rumored that Lewis is injured and will go on the disabled list.

  • In the bottom of the ninth, Hafner, Martinez, and Peralta are unable to ignite a rally, much less show signs of life at the plate. It is rumored that they are injured and will go on the disabled list.

  • The Indians lose 5-3 and it is rumored that they are injured and will go on the disable list.

  • As the fans leave Progressive Field, they are very upset and calling for immediate action. It is rumored that they are injured and will go on the disabled list.

A Ray Of Sunshine?

The Indians lost a heart breaker last night to their playoff-rival Boston Red Sox, who came from behind to ruin a great pitching performance by Jake Westbrook. Jake gave up two runs (one earned) in 6+ innings and left the game with a 4-2 advantage. Rafael Betancourt failed once again as he gave up a lead off home run to Kevin (You-Kill-Us) Youkilis in the top of the eight inning. As the Indians lumber went back into a slumber, you could see Joe (Joe Blow) Borowski warming up in the bullpen...No! Say it ain't So!

Well, thanks to the combination of "Blow" vs. "The Bull", we found ourselves on the losing end of a very exciting game by a score of 6-4. Joe Blow's ERA mushroomed to an even 18.00 in the aftermath.

But, it's only game 13, there are 149 more of these to go. Still not to worry is what we are being told.

Actually, there is a ray of sunshine and hope!

The 1997 American League Champion Cleveland Indians were 5-8 after their first 13 games as well...check it out!

So keep those sun glasses, or rose colored glasses on that are being handed out daily!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Now, That's A Reaction!

A lineup shake-up and a huge game by Cliff Lee...now that's more like it!
Cliff Lee pitched eight innings of 2 hit, one run baseball and he was just what the Cleveland offense needed to get back on track. And get back on track was just what they did with eight hits, six walks, and seven runs!

This game came just in time with the Red Sox coming to town tomorrow night, followed by the Tigers on Wednesday. Boston is starting to show signs of life but we can't afford to be their door mat to recovery. The same goes for Detroit who continued their spiral today. Let's kick 'em when they are down or we get kicked.

Hopefully, we've straightened up...now it's time to fly right!

Oh, Let The Rain Come Down...

After the first 11 games, the Indians look like this…
4 wins and 7 losses
7 losses out of the last 9 games
13th out of 14 teams in batting average
9th in runs scored
12th in hits
9th in RBIs
10th in walks
4th highest in striking out
11th in on base percentage
10th in slugging percentage
13th in ERA
3rd highest in walks allowed
Tie for 10th in strike outs
1st in home runs allowed
4th highest in hits allowed
3rd highest in runs allowed
8th in fielding percentage
Tie for 6th in errors
1st in passed balls
Our Cy Young winner and 3rd runner up can’t get on track
Our platoon in left field is batting .178
Our right fielder is batting .167
Our 3rd baseman is batting .143
Our DH is batting .244
Our closer’s ERA is 13.50

Last night, during another loss to the A’s, Vice President and General Manager of the Cleveland Indians Mark Shapiro joined telecasters Rick Manning and Matt Underwood in the booth. A very relaxed G.M. was asked some questions about the slow start to the season his team was having. Shapiro responded by saying that after 10 games there is no need to panic. We must keep the emotion out of it. This is a business and this business is all about the long run of a season of 162 games. A reaction would not take place until we reached 40 games and things were still not better.
Sorry to get emotional all over your business but pick me up off of the floor!
40 games?????
By then, the Cleveland Gladiators of the Arena Football League will have out-drawn the Indians on fans per game.
Why does Shapiro sound like Hyman Roth of the Godfather II when he speaks of “The Business?”
“And I said to myself, this is the business we've chosen; I didn't ask who gave the order, because it had nothing to do with business!”

But come on, 40 games?
Can’t we make some minor adjustments now?
Can’t we try to figure out why C.C. Sabathia cannot locate his pitches since the ALDS last season? All of a sudden, the ALDS starts, and he can’t throw strikes. Is it he can’t throw strikes or is not getting the strike calls he was getting all season? If that is the case, can we work on adjustments with him? Once again on Friday night, C.C. is having trouble getting strike calls. So what does he do? He lays it in the strike zone and BAM, that ball is outta here! Looking at the replays on television, the ball was perfectly centered in the strike zone on many pitches that went out faster than they came in. Can’t pitching Coach Carl Willis get him to move the ball up by inches, not feet? Fausto too!
Maybe by May 13th it will be warmer out…maybe. Then, our bats will wake up. Or can we wake them up now? The temperature is the same for the other team. How much extra batting practice are they taking? Ben Francisco had a great spring training and did not make this team. I don’t care that he is batting .173 in Buffalo, he deserves a shot at left field. Maybe Pedro Cerrano can help us. “Hats for bats, keep bats warm…Gracias!”

We can’t wait for 40 games Mark. We’ve played 11 games now and lost 7. Will we be looking back on September 28th at what could have been if we had only won another game or two?
Let’s hope the rain continues today. We need a rainout to stop the spiral and get to thinking straight. It starts with some kind of reaction but not after 40 games.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

The Tribe drops another game tonight but not without turning a laugher into a game...call it wet and wild. The loss (and it is still a loss no matter how many runs down you come behind from) takes the Tribe to a record of 4 wins and 6 losses for a .400 mark after the first 10 games.

Everyone keeps saying there is nothing to worry about. Rick Manning can't preach enough about it being a 162 game season. Eric Wedge tells us that it's not the outcome that is important, it's the preparation. Bruce Drennen is telling his callers to calm down as it is a long season.
Don't worry...Be happy!

OK, let's all sit back and throw down a few LaBatt Blues and decide when it will be time to worry.
  • If after 20 games we have won only 8 games, is it time to raise an eyebrow?
  • If after 30 games we have won only 12 games, should we uncross our legs in the dugout?
  • If after 40 games we have won only 16 games, should we stand on the top step of the dugout and rub our chins?
  • What if we get to 80 games and we have won only 32 games?

Don't worry, .400 puts us on pace to win 65 games. There's always next year.

Tonight, we got roughed up by the A's again, a rebuilding but strong hitting team. The Indians showed much character coming from a 9-1 deficit to make a game of it only to lose by a score of 9-7. Our biggest highlight tonight was a spectacular catch by Grady Sizemore that kept the A's from scoring more than 9 runs! How did he hold onto the ball after hitting the wall all out?!

You could argue that the 3 teams we have won 4 games from and lost 6 games to have a combined record of 18 wins and 11 loses for a .621 winning percentage. So things may get better when the 5-6 Red Sox and 2-8 Tigers come to town?

It's time to step up now, not think things will fix themselves over the long run.

Come on, Tribe...it's time to put some lead in your arrows!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Indians to Announce 7-year Contract Today at 3pm!

It is rumored that the Cleveland Indians have come to terms with RHP Fausto Carmona on a seven-year contract. Details to follow in the 3 o’clock hour today!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Brain Farts...

So, here we are, about a week into the 2008 baseball season and already there is reason for a little disappointment. The only streak we have intact is a losing streak, Detroit at 0-6. That's good for us but it sure would have been nice to start out on a streak of our own...more than 2-0. Like Satchel Paige said, "Don't look back, someone might be gaining on you!" Hopefully, Chicago is looking back at us and we need to give them something to look at.

The Yankees come to town on April 25th. It’s a Friday night game…just like game two in the ALDS. Working in the yard over the weekend and a little bit tonight, there were swarms of bugs everywhere. What are the chances that the magnificent midges can return for the Yankees series? John Kruk may do us another favor and bring another egg salad sandwich to Progressive Field anytime now and hide it under a seat in section 150. Or maybe we could get Stadium Services to throw some unsold sushi behind the outfield fence in right field. It’s not that we want an unfair advantage or anything ‘cause the bugs were there for both teams. It just seems as though they were attracted to cheap cologne last October. Go Bugs!

The first time you saw “The Commercial” on STO, did you think it was about you?
You know, the one where the guy is watching the Red Sox beat the Indians in game 7 of the ALCS last year, at the brink of extreme heartbreak. Then he is kinda in a trance pouring milk on his corn flakes and onto the floor. Next he is standing in a trance with shaving cream on his face while the faucet drips. Then he is staring very dishearteningly outside at the snow with his Indians mug in hand. And finally he is trancing again holding the hose but not washing the car when his son asks him to play catch. All of a sudden, the world is right again. Doesn’t this guy look curiously like 3rd base coach Joel Skinner?
3-3 ain't the end of the world but close though.
We are better than this and what better time to prove it then against a good team like the Angels...Go Tribe!
Up late tonight and lovin' it!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Cliff Lee put his team back on track today with a gutsy pitching performance amid a still lackluster Cleveland offense. Lee went six and two-thirds innings yielding only 1 run on 4 hits. Lee, notching his first win in as many outings, was just what the team needed to get back to .500 as they go to Los Angeles for a 3 game series.
Lee looked like the pitcher he once was, striking out 4 and walking only 1 batter.
The Indians scored twice in the 7th inning on a fielder’s choice (that should have been an inning-ending double play) and a bases loaded walk to Ryan Garko.
Joe Borowski earned his second save of the young season as the bullpen hung on.

The day belongs to Cliff Lee. He stepped up and gave his team every opportunity to win with a great effort. Congratulations Cliff Lee.
Now, who is going to step up and wake up the offense?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Panic Time Yet?

The Indians have now lost 3 games in a row after beginning the season winning their first 2 games. They have scored only 5 runs in those 3 games, swinging at many first pitches which is highly out of character for this team. Victor Martinez went down with a hamstring injury in the second inning of the opener but is due back soon. Kelly Shoppach is batting .231 with 2 passed balls. The platoon of Dellucci and Michaels in left field is not working as both players are 0 for 2008 so far. One other weakness appears to be at third base as Casey Blake is batting .118 with one error, and just not getting to some of the balls that he usually does.
Is it time to push the panic button yet?
Tom Hamilton and Mike Hegan say "NO" because it is only game 5 with 157 to go. But listening to manager Eric Wedge in the post game interview, it sounded like everyone had just watched "Old Yeller!"
So what would be wrong with pushing the panic button just a little?
  • Let's get Victor back in the lineup. He's taking batting practice and catching bullpen sessions for the last 3 days. His leadership is desperately needed. It is one thing to give encouragement from the bench but there is no substitute for the way Victor leads on the field.
  • Get Ben Francisco back to the "bigs" where he belongs
  • I hate to suggest this but does Casey need a day off? I love his dedication to the game and the team. I love his unselfishness and his team attitude. But he's had one good game, the opener.
  • Peralta probably needs to sit one out as well. He's batting .143, he's showing little energy, and he has the other error on the team.

Detroit is 0-5! We should be putting as much distance between us and them as we can. But Sunday doesn't look to good with Cliff Lee getting the start.

Yeah, it's time to panic a bit. In 157 games from now we could be looking back at these games and saying, "If only we had taken one of those earlier games from Oakland!"

At least show some stern concern.

Come on Wedge, keep a short leash on Lee tomorrow and set a fire under this team.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Are Ya Bummin' Just A Little?


I was looking for a little bit longer winning streak from the start of the season. What an opportunity, what with Detroit losing their first 3 games to Kansas City!

Well, it's not like we were going to win 162 games but still, there is nothing like a streak coming out of Spring Training. The only undefeated team left in the Major Leagues is the Kansas City Royals at 3-0! I certainly do not want to root for them. But we can root against the only winless team in the Majors, the Detroit Tigers at 0-3!

All that said, the Tribe only garnered 2 hits today. Let's move on and not let it happen again. Tomorrow we play in Oakland and they are struggling at 1-3. However, they tend to play us tough. Hopefully Victor is back in the lineup.

Come on, let's get hot again and keep the gap between us and the Tigers!

Is this a blast or what?!