Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sweet Spot? Not If You Don't Swing...

So it has been said that the hardest feat in any sport is to hit a baseball. A round object thrown at another round object certainly makes for a strong argument that it is the hardest feat in sports to hit a baseball well consistently.
But if you don't swing, you either walk, get called out on strikes, or get hit by the pitch.
Today the Cleveland Indians failed to score any runs in support of their ace, C.C. Sabathia.
No one wants to give up an easy out. Getting picked off 1st, making the first or last out of an inning going to 3rd, etc. But what about looking at pitches?
The Indians had 13 strikeouts today and almost half, 6 were called strike 3s.
Michaels and Cabrera struck out twice swinging.
Gutierrez was called out on strikes.
Hafner was called out on strikes.
Peralta struck out twice, once called out.
Blake struck out twice, once called out.
Garko struck out three times, twice called out.
The Indians are 5th highest in the American league in strike outs at 167. Of the 4 teams with more strike outs than the Indians, two are leading their division.
The point is, called strike outs are easy outs and should be addressed as an opportunity for this team.
We've one two out of three from the Yankees and both wins were very impressive. But you got to score to win and you got to swing to score.

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