Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

The Tribe drops another game tonight but not without turning a laugher into a it wet and wild. The loss (and it is still a loss no matter how many runs down you come behind from) takes the Tribe to a record of 4 wins and 6 losses for a .400 mark after the first 10 games.

Everyone keeps saying there is nothing to worry about. Rick Manning can't preach enough about it being a 162 game season. Eric Wedge tells us that it's not the outcome that is important, it's the preparation. Bruce Drennen is telling his callers to calm down as it is a long season.
Don't worry...Be happy!

OK, let's all sit back and throw down a few LaBatt Blues and decide when it will be time to worry.
  • If after 20 games we have won only 8 games, is it time to raise an eyebrow?
  • If after 30 games we have won only 12 games, should we uncross our legs in the dugout?
  • If after 40 games we have won only 16 games, should we stand on the top step of the dugout and rub our chins?
  • What if we get to 80 games and we have won only 32 games?

Don't worry, .400 puts us on pace to win 65 games. There's always next year.

Tonight, we got roughed up by the A's again, a rebuilding but strong hitting team. The Indians showed much character coming from a 9-1 deficit to make a game of it only to lose by a score of 9-7. Our biggest highlight tonight was a spectacular catch by Grady Sizemore that kept the A's from scoring more than 9 runs! How did he hold onto the ball after hitting the wall all out?!

You could argue that the 3 teams we have won 4 games from and lost 6 games to have a combined record of 18 wins and 11 loses for a .621 winning percentage. So things may get better when the 5-6 Red Sox and 2-8 Tigers come to town?

It's time to step up now, not think things will fix themselves over the long run.

Come on,'s time to put some lead in your arrows!

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