Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Ray Of Sunshine?

The Indians lost a heart breaker last night to their playoff-rival Boston Red Sox, who came from behind to ruin a great pitching performance by Jake Westbrook. Jake gave up two runs (one earned) in 6+ innings and left the game with a 4-2 advantage. Rafael Betancourt failed once again as he gave up a lead off home run to Kevin (You-Kill-Us) Youkilis in the top of the eight inning. As the Indians lumber went back into a slumber, you could see Joe (Joe Blow) Borowski warming up in the bullpen...No! Say it ain't So!

Well, thanks to the combination of "Blow" vs. "The Bull", we found ourselves on the losing end of a very exciting game by a score of 6-4. Joe Blow's ERA mushroomed to an even 18.00 in the aftermath.

But, it's only game 13, there are 149 more of these to go. Still not to worry is what we are being told.

Actually, there is a ray of sunshine and hope!

The 1997 American League Champion Cleveland Indians were 5-8 after their first 13 games as well...check it out!

So keep those sun glasses, or rose colored glasses on that are being handed out daily!

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