Sunday, April 20, 2008

What A Difference A Week Makes…Or Not!

One week ago, our Indians had a record of 4 wins and 7 losses for a .364 winning percentage.
After Saturday’s game, we have a record of 7 wins and 11 losses for a .389 winning percentage.
Let’s compare other categories against the 14 team American League:
Batting Average – Stayed at 13th
Runs Scored – Stayed at 9th
Hits – Declined from 12th to 13th
RBIs – Stayed at 9th
Walks – Improved from 10th to 9th
Striking Out – Improved from 4th to 5th
On Base Percentage – Improved from 11th to 10th
Slugging Percentage – Declined from 10th to 13th
ERA – Improved from 13th to 11th
Walks Allowed – Improved from 3rd to 4th
Strike Outs – Improved from 10th to 5th
Home Runs Allowed – Improved from 1st to 2nd
Hits Allowed – Improved from 4th to 6th
Runs Allowed – Improved from 3rd to 5th
Fielding Percentage – Improved from 8th to 4th
Errors – Improved from 6th to 9th
Passed Balls – Stayed at 1st
After seven more games, our winning percentage increased a meager .025 mainly because our pitching and defense improved, but our offense continued to be in peril.
So in a week’s time, there has been some improvement, but not nearly enough.
Perhaps the corrections are in place but they are going to take a little more time to reverse the results. After all, Eric Wedge’s closed door meeting only took place this past Thursday afternoon. We may have to wait a few more games, say 4 more? That brings the Yankees to town for a 4-game series starting Friday night. That puts “A Reaction” a little bit closer to Mark Shapiro’s “plan” to wait to react until 35-45 games into the season.
All I know is it is getting harder to watch the inconsistencies of this team. I’ve been to the old stadium many times and been part of some record setting small crowds. We have had some lean times when we thought the team would be sold or moved and we stuck with them. But this team is so much better than what they are producing.
Beat the Twins today. Put the Royals in their place. Hone your skills for the big series with the Yankees. Start playing baseball instead of looking to justify inconsistent and underachieving play.

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