Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Psst!...Watch the Waiver Today!

Could Big Jim be on his way back to Cleveland?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Time To Get Real!

So Manny Acta is determined to get back the games that he lost to Detroit and get back in the race.

I would love to see it but it ain't gonna happen.

Let's do the math...

The Tigers are 68 and 58, playing at a .540 clip. They have 35 games remaining. If they continue to play no worse or no better (which isn't that great anyway) they will finish the season with 87 wins.

The Indians are 62 and 61, playing at a .504 clip. They have 39 games remaining. To over take the Tiger and win the division, they must play at a .666 clip, winning 26 of their remaining 39 games.

Impossible? No.

Improbable? Absolutely!


Because like all other Cleveland teams, they lack the killer instinct. And that starts with their manager.

I am a Manny Acta fan but really Manny, something has to change.

Manny was quoted in the Akron Beacon Journal today in response to the blown call (one of them) yesterday when Lou Marson threw out (but didn't get the call) Austin Jackson stealing second base. The replay clearly showed Jackson was out. Astrubal Cabrera got a severe finger wagging from umpire Tim McClelland who blew the call and then was way out of line reprimanding Cabrera for being upset by the call. Manny hurried out to save his player but missed his opportunity to blast the entire umpire crew for a terrible weekend, from behind the plate to the bases. Manny said, "I guess eventually we're going to have to press that buzzer and use instant replay."

Holy cow, Manny, don't have a stroke over the shitty calls, OK?

Minutes later on a call much less controversial that that, Jim Leyland came back from the dead, and charged out to 3rd base like Teddy Roosevelt going up San Juan Hill! He let the entire umpiring crew as well as the world of baseball know how pissed he was. "You're outta here" was the result and the Tigers felt their manager did what was necessary to keep the playing field level and even.

Want to know why the Red Sox and Yankees games with each other last so long? Because those 2 managers will not stand for any call going against them and argue about everything! In fact, the players on those teams are the best at carping I have ever seen.

So Manny, do I want ya to argue every call? Hell no, just make yourself heard when necessary. Umpires used to say about Ted Williams, "If Ted doesn't swing at it, it's a ball!" The reverse can be said of players with much less talent or experience. A rookie looks at a borderline pitch with 2 strikes and he gets little if any respect, unless he plays for the Red Sox or Yankees.

So what if an umpire gives a warning to the bench because the manager and his coaches are riding him about balls and strikes. That umpire is hot but also aware that every call he is making in being scrutinized. He's a better ump for it.

Manny had the perfect opportunity to get thrown out yesterday defending his catcher and his short stop. That action would have unified the team and possibly changed the outcome of the game yesterday.

OK, OK, enough...what does it matter? They aren't going to win 26 more games, are they?

Not unless Lou Brown comes back and says, "I think we are contenders, we just need something to pull it all together."

Couldn't you just hear Lou say, "The way I figure this thing, we need 26 wins to win it all!"

We're all listening Lou...I mean Manny!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

She's Hoarse and Can't Sing No More!

Pretty good season, huh?
Too bad we couldn't hang on.
Went to Detroit on Saturday to see the Indians give up on the season, from the manager to the ineffective DH. When Travis Hafner jogs to first base (when he doesn't strike out), he is displaying the roll-over attitude that this team appears to have adopted.
Need more?
Manny Acta continues to stay put in the dugout when he should be protecting his players.
Instead his pitcher gets thrown out of the game and then goes back out on to the field to let the umpire know that he should find another line of work.
I love ya Manny but why don't you forget about trying to win the Nice Guy Award, especially with the umpires?
He's not alone though.
The Tigers have a very talented team, much more than they are showing. It appears that they will win the division but I doubt that they will advance past the first playoff series.
Jim Leyland has become ineffective during the game. He has adopted an Eric Wedge type of style that when the game starts, the manager's job is done.
He just got a one year extension from Detroit.
I think he may be El Cid.
I think he died but they have him propped up in the dugout just to make other teams think they still have a manager.
Did anyone ever thing Joe Girardi or Terry Francona stop managing or fighting for their players during a game?
Of course not, that is why if the Yankees or Red Sox don't win their division, the 2nd place team between them wins the Wild Card.

What an embarrassment Saturday night's game was.
Blow out the candles and cut the cake!
Today isn't much better. Throw at our guy so we get penalized and cannot react. Where was Manny during all of that?
How about Cabrera tagging out the runner stealing 2nd and the runner is called safe on a blatantly blown call?
The ump wags his finger in Astrubal Cabrera's face. Manny comes out and did not get thrown out! he failed to take advantage of the opportunity to fire up his team.

Sing if you can. Sing to a season where expectations were exceeded but resulted in underachievement.

The division was there for the taking.

We wait for next year again, hoping to add some inspiration and infuse a "never quit" spirit.

That really is all that was missing.

Teams with less talent have achieved more.

Sing 'cause it's over.

Too bad because the Yankees and Red Sox don't have what it takes this year either.

Other than being fierce competitors and never quiting, neither the Yanks or Sox will win the world series.

Too bad.

Cinderella left the ball early.

Monday, August 8, 2011

No, Not Good Enough!

Plain Dealer writer states the following;

Cleveland Indians need to take at least 2 of 3 games against Detroit Tigers, says Dennis Manoloff

No, the Cleveland Indians must enter this 3-game home stand with the division leaders with a "SWEEP" mindset.

This is the team that surprised nearly everyone in the baseball world with their fabulous start of the season as well as with their ability to stay in contention to this point.

This is the team with their top management putting on a different hat prior to the trading deadline more that a week ago. In the previous 3 seasons, they have been cleaning house of their soon to be free agent stars. Instead, they admitted that their team is a contender by making recent acquisitions to bolster that belief. Good or bad acquisitions? I applaud the front office for going for it instead of sitting pat!

This is a team that has put together a starting rotation that has kept them in not only most ballgames, but in contention for the division. The starting pitching was thought to be the weakest part of this team back when the snow was flying in Cleveland.

Detroit is thinking they need to take 2 out of 3 from us.

That is why they were trailing us most of the season until lately.

We must think 3 out of 3!

If we think 2 out of 3, we may settle for 1 out of 3.

Time is running out. It is time for this team, the team that has already exceeded expectation, to not settle for mediocrity any longer!

Manny must put the best 9 on the field, not the best rested 9 and not the best righty/lefty match-up 9, but the best 9 for this series.

Back in late April, we took 3 of 3 from Detroit at home with swagger, confidence, and yes, some late game heroics.

Take all 3 and get within 1 game at the same time!

Remember, to make the playoffs, we must win the division!