Sunday, August 21, 2011

She's Hoarse and Can't Sing No More!

Pretty good season, huh?
Too bad we couldn't hang on.
Went to Detroit on Saturday to see the Indians give up on the season, from the manager to the ineffective DH. When Travis Hafner jogs to first base (when he doesn't strike out), he is displaying the roll-over attitude that this team appears to have adopted.
Need more?
Manny Acta continues to stay put in the dugout when he should be protecting his players.
Instead his pitcher gets thrown out of the game and then goes back out on to the field to let the umpire know that he should find another line of work.
I love ya Manny but why don't you forget about trying to win the Nice Guy Award, especially with the umpires?
He's not alone though.
The Tigers have a very talented team, much more than they are showing. It appears that they will win the division but I doubt that they will advance past the first playoff series.
Jim Leyland has become ineffective during the game. He has adopted an Eric Wedge type of style that when the game starts, the manager's job is done.
He just got a one year extension from Detroit.
I think he may be El Cid.
I think he died but they have him propped up in the dugout just to make other teams think they still have a manager.
Did anyone ever thing Joe Girardi or Terry Francona stop managing or fighting for their players during a game?
Of course not, that is why if the Yankees or Red Sox don't win their division, the 2nd place team between them wins the Wild Card.

What an embarrassment Saturday night's game was.
Blow out the candles and cut the cake!
Today isn't much better. Throw at our guy so we get penalized and cannot react. Where was Manny during all of that?
How about Cabrera tagging out the runner stealing 2nd and the runner is called safe on a blatantly blown call?
The ump wags his finger in Astrubal Cabrera's face. Manny comes out and did not get thrown out! he failed to take advantage of the opportunity to fire up his team.

Sing if you can. Sing to a season where expectations were exceeded but resulted in underachievement.

The division was there for the taking.

We wait for next year again, hoping to add some inspiration and infuse a "never quit" spirit.

That really is all that was missing.

Teams with less talent have achieved more.

Sing 'cause it's over.

Too bad because the Yankees and Red Sox don't have what it takes this year either.

Other than being fierce competitors and never quiting, neither the Yanks or Sox will win the world series.

Too bad.

Cinderella left the ball early.

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