Thursday, April 17, 2008

Behind Closed Doors, Things Get Done!

The brain trust that is the Cleveland Indians management says things are under control.
V.P. and General Manager Mark Shapiro, in speaking of the club's dismal start coming off the shellacking last night by the Tigers, still thinks "We're O.K.!" Speaking of the 5 - 10 start and the team's lackluster play, Mark said, "It necessitates concern, but not action."
Mark, I am not convinced that you are in the right career, but I sure am glad you didn't choose E.R. doctor.
"Dr. Shapiro, the patient is in cardiac arrest with internal bleeding!"
"Let's not get emotional nurse, we have a long night ahead of us, his condition may change."

Manager Eric Wedge, on the other hand decided it was time to address the team...Ya think?!
He held a team meeting this afternoon and word is he expressed his displeasure with the team and their play during the first 15 games.
Well, something kicked this team in the butt as they went out and beat up the Tigers in an 11 - 1 rout!

Fausto Carmona was sensational giving up only one run, mostly in part to some retaliation by hitting two players in the 6th inning. At any rate, he raised his record to 2-1 and lowered his ERA to 1.96!
The offense came through with 11 runs and the bullpen kept the Tigers scoreless after relieving Carmona.

There was no love lost between the teams as both benches were warned tonight!
Now on to Minnesota. Cliff Lee, who has been our most stable starter gets the nod tomorrow night. There is absolutely no reason that this team cannot take all three games over the weekend from the Twins.
It may take another ass-chewing to get it done though!

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