Monday, April 7, 2008

Brain Farts...

So, here we are, about a week into the 2008 baseball season and already there is reason for a little disappointment. The only streak we have intact is a losing streak, Detroit at 0-6. That's good for us but it sure would have been nice to start out on a streak of our own...more than 2-0. Like Satchel Paige said, "Don't look back, someone might be gaining on you!" Hopefully, Chicago is looking back at us and we need to give them something to look at.

The Yankees come to town on April 25th. It’s a Friday night game…just like game two in the ALDS. Working in the yard over the weekend and a little bit tonight, there were swarms of bugs everywhere. What are the chances that the magnificent midges can return for the Yankees series? John Kruk may do us another favor and bring another egg salad sandwich to Progressive Field anytime now and hide it under a seat in section 150. Or maybe we could get Stadium Services to throw some unsold sushi behind the outfield fence in right field. It’s not that we want an unfair advantage or anything ‘cause the bugs were there for both teams. It just seems as though they were attracted to cheap cologne last October. Go Bugs!

The first time you saw “The Commercial” on STO, did you think it was about you?
You know, the one where the guy is watching the Red Sox beat the Indians in game 7 of the ALCS last year, at the brink of extreme heartbreak. Then he is kinda in a trance pouring milk on his corn flakes and onto the floor. Next he is standing in a trance with shaving cream on his face while the faucet drips. Then he is staring very dishearteningly outside at the snow with his Indians mug in hand. And finally he is trancing again holding the hose but not washing the car when his son asks him to play catch. All of a sudden, the world is right again. Doesn’t this guy look curiously like 3rd base coach Joel Skinner?
3-3 ain't the end of the world but close though.
We are better than this and what better time to prove it then against a good team like the Angels...Go Tribe!
Up late tonight and lovin' it!

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