Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How Do You Like What You Are Seeing Now, Shapiro?

The Indians lose their 3rd game in a row as their offense fails to come to the ballpark once again. Hey, but here is the good news...tonight's game was the 27th of the season and that means that we only have to put up with about 8 more games before Vice President and General Manager Mark Shapiro decides it is time to react!
The one game we CAN win is the options game! Up comes Francisco, down goes Francisco. Up comes Sowers, down goes Sowers. Up comes Snyder, down goes Snyder. Up comes Laffey...Come on, stop this crap! What the #@&!!!! is Andy Marte doing on this team?????
Cut your losses on this guy, the Marte Experiment is over! It failed!!!
This guy is taking up valuable space on the bench playing very limited, and when he does, he lethargically sucks!

What about the pitching????
Raphael Betancourt is a great set-up man, or was until the ALCS! He's not our closer!!!
We can't keep wasting these great starting pitching performances with no support.
The batting order better get a shake-up. What did they bring up Snyder for on Sunday, brunch?

This team is so much better than 3 games under .500 and we are losing to the likes of the Mariners, Twins, and a Yankees team that hasn't found their stride yet.

Fix Hafner! Shake-up the lineup! Stop screwing with the bullpen! Get pissed over the called 3rd strikes! Stop the revolving door with Buffalo! And get rid of Marte!!!

Game #35 is May 8th, 9 days away...put the goddam cell phone away and kick ass!

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