Saturday, April 5, 2008

Panic Time Yet?

The Indians have now lost 3 games in a row after beginning the season winning their first 2 games. They have scored only 5 runs in those 3 games, swinging at many first pitches which is highly out of character for this team. Victor Martinez went down with a hamstring injury in the second inning of the opener but is due back soon. Kelly Shoppach is batting .231 with 2 passed balls. The platoon of Dellucci and Michaels in left field is not working as both players are 0 for 2008 so far. One other weakness appears to be at third base as Casey Blake is batting .118 with one error, and just not getting to some of the balls that he usually does.
Is it time to push the panic button yet?
Tom Hamilton and Mike Hegan say "NO" because it is only game 5 with 157 to go. But listening to manager Eric Wedge in the post game interview, it sounded like everyone had just watched "Old Yeller!"
So what would be wrong with pushing the panic button just a little?
  • Let's get Victor back in the lineup. He's taking batting practice and catching bullpen sessions for the last 3 days. His leadership is desperately needed. It is one thing to give encouragement from the bench but there is no substitute for the way Victor leads on the field.
  • Get Ben Francisco back to the "bigs" where he belongs
  • I hate to suggest this but does Casey need a day off? I love his dedication to the game and the team. I love his unselfishness and his team attitude. But he's had one good game, the opener.
  • Peralta probably needs to sit one out as well. He's batting .143, he's showing little energy, and he has the other error on the team.

Detroit is 0-5! We should be putting as much distance between us and them as we can. But Sunday doesn't look to good with Cliff Lee getting the start.

Yeah, it's time to panic a bit. In 157 games from now we could be looking back at these games and saying, "If only we had taken one of those earlier games from Oakland!"

At least show some stern concern.

Come on Wedge, keep a short leash on Lee tomorrow and set a fire under this team.

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