Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh, Let The Rain Come Down...

After the first 11 games, the Indians look like this…
4 wins and 7 losses
7 losses out of the last 9 games
13th out of 14 teams in batting average
9th in runs scored
12th in hits
9th in RBIs
10th in walks
4th highest in striking out
11th in on base percentage
10th in slugging percentage
13th in ERA
3rd highest in walks allowed
Tie for 10th in strike outs
1st in home runs allowed
4th highest in hits allowed
3rd highest in runs allowed
8th in fielding percentage
Tie for 6th in errors
1st in passed balls
Our Cy Young winner and 3rd runner up can’t get on track
Our platoon in left field is batting .178
Our right fielder is batting .167
Our 3rd baseman is batting .143
Our DH is batting .244
Our closer’s ERA is 13.50

Last night, during another loss to the A’s, Vice President and General Manager of the Cleveland Indians Mark Shapiro joined telecasters Rick Manning and Matt Underwood in the booth. A very relaxed G.M. was asked some questions about the slow start to the season his team was having. Shapiro responded by saying that after 10 games there is no need to panic. We must keep the emotion out of it. This is a business and this business is all about the long run of a season of 162 games. A reaction would not take place until we reached 40 games and things were still not better.
Sorry to get emotional all over your business but pick me up off of the floor!
40 games?????
By then, the Cleveland Gladiators of the Arena Football League will have out-drawn the Indians on fans per game.
Why does Shapiro sound like Hyman Roth of the Godfather II when he speaks of “The Business?”
“And I said to myself, this is the business we've chosen; I didn't ask who gave the order, because it had nothing to do with business!”

But come on, 40 games?
Can’t we make some minor adjustments now?
Can’t we try to figure out why C.C. Sabathia cannot locate his pitches since the ALDS last season? All of a sudden, the ALDS starts, and he can’t throw strikes. Is it he can’t throw strikes or is not getting the strike calls he was getting all season? If that is the case, can we work on adjustments with him? Once again on Friday night, C.C. is having trouble getting strike calls. So what does he do? He lays it in the strike zone and BAM, that ball is outta here! Looking at the replays on television, the ball was perfectly centered in the strike zone on many pitches that went out faster than they came in. Can’t pitching Coach Carl Willis get him to move the ball up by inches, not feet? Fausto too!
Maybe by May 13th it will be warmer out…maybe. Then, our bats will wake up. Or can we wake them up now? The temperature is the same for the other team. How much extra batting practice are they taking? Ben Francisco had a great spring training and did not make this team. I don’t care that he is batting .173 in Buffalo, he deserves a shot at left field. Maybe Pedro Cerrano can help us. “Hats for bats, keep bats warm…Gracias!”

We can’t wait for 40 games Mark. We’ve played 11 games now and lost 7. Will we be looking back on September 28th at what could have been if we had only won another game or two?
Let’s hope the rain continues today. We need a rainout to stop the spiral and get to thinking straight. It starts with some kind of reaction but not after 40 games.

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