Thursday, October 4, 2007


Got your lucky socks on?
Gonna sit in the same position on the couch even though it hurts after 6 innings?
Didn’t shave this morning for luck?
Driving home the same way because there are 9 stop lights and 9 stop signs?
Eating the same food that you had when the Indians won 8 in a row?
Are ya nervous?
Scared even?
You keep telling yourself this is the year.
It looks like it.
It feels like it.
You know you can’t take another heartbreak.
All good! You’re an Indians fan!
Go ahead and worry, keep your rituals, and smile while your hands shake.
Tomorrow you will go through it all over again with one exception…
The Indians will be game-planning for win #2!
Final score tonight…
Indians 11, Yankees 5!

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