Saturday, October 6, 2007

Indians Employ "Bug Ball!"

Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge, who has oft times been criticized for not bunting, was not at a loss for the attempted "Small Ball" technique in his team's 2-1 11th inning victory last night at Jacob's Field. There were 4 sacrifice bunts executed last night by the Indians but only 2 helped push runs across the plate. More helpful seemed to be the Canadian Midges that swarmed over the field starting in the 8th inning, probably assisting in, if not causing two wild pitches in the inning by Yankee reliever Joba Chamberlain that allowed the Indians and Grady Sizemore to tie the game at 1-1.

This game will forevermore be know as "Bug Ball!"

Although pestered by the pesky pests, give much credit to Chamberlain for not making excuses. In post game interviews, Joba continued to point out that everyone on both teams was bothered by the bugs.
True, but the bugs seemed to be targeting the visiting Yankees, didn't they?

Fausto Carmona sure didn't let the little critters distract him from his quest. Neither did Rafael Perez as both pitchers combined to keep the Indians in there thick of the swarm, until the offense could employ a "raid" at home plate and "sting" the Yankees.
Mariano Rivera was "black flagged" after the 10th inning.
That gave way to Luis Vizcaino who allowed the pesky Tribe to "horde" the bases in the bottom of the 11th inning and end the "plague" of scoreless innings with a one run victory.

You know, the Cleveland Indians are looking for a corporation to purchase the naming rights to Jacobs Field as Dick Jacobs' (former Tribe owner) tenure has expired.

How about these?

"The Orkin Bowl"

"Deet Domain"

"Terminix Turf"

All in all, this has been a wild and crazy season for the Tribe, why shouldn't that continue into the post season?

Looking forward to Game 3...the final game of the series, we have Roger Clemens facing Jake Westbrook.
Jake will continue the Indian pitching domination of the Yankees offense with his sinker balls inducing ground outs as the Indians offense will get by Clemens and into the Yankee bullpen early.

Final score...Indians 7, Yankees 3!

Believe it again!

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