Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Were Ya Worried?

Cleveland Indians owner Larry Dolan celebrates with manager Eric Wedge

Come on, were ya worried?

Not me, at least not about the Indians ability to win the series.

Was I worried about it happening in New York?

Big time!

Think back to the second inning...Kelly Shoppach at bat with no outs and Gutierrez and Blake on...home plate umpire Fieldin Culbreth signals that Kelly was hit by the pitch. Great, bases loaded and nobody out!
Wait a second, here comes Torre...like the school principal slowly but deliberately walking to breakup a school yard fight. All heads start to turn out of fear and respect. Everyone is frozen. Will Joe get his way again?

All of a sudden, there are 6 umpires with an opinion on a call that needs to be made by the guy closest to the action...kinda like game one when the umpire closest to the fair or foul Johnny Damon home run obviously didn't see it. Flashes of Hargrove battling the killer snowflakes of April with the Indians one strike away from victory surge back from the memory bank! Oh, do you remember the Baltimore run added in the 6 th inning from the 3rd inning?
But wait...the play stands as called! What? We win one? Is that a first for the year? Wow! The ball looks like it coulda hit the bat...Shhhhhhh!

We score two more runs on a double play ball and a single... 4-0 Cleveland!

Fast forward to the bottom of the 3rd inning. The Tribe is ahead 4-1.
Look, up in the sky! It's raining! Perfect! Now the Yankees can stall until the deluge wipes out the game....
Wait, we get to the 5th inning, the tribe is up 6-1, and no one is talking about the rain anymore!
OK, where is the earthquake, tsunami, Godzilla, something completely out of our control to steal the moment!
No? Not gonna happen? You're kidding me, right?

Not even a high profile celebrity can stop the eventual demise of the Yankees...I'm talking about Tino in the second row!

Never-ever did I doubt this team's ability to rise up and beat the Yankees...Never! And we didn't need bugs to do it either.
This is a totally fascinating team that keeps you engaged in the action from first to last pitch...from Grady to Blake, from Byrd to Borowski!

Admit it...in the last 4 games, did you...
  • Catch yourself holding your chest and gasping for your breath?
  • Time commercials with a second hand to know exactly when the extreme drama would resume?
  • Wait longer than you really should have to go to the bathroom in fear they would start back up without you?
  • Find yourself nearly ready to heave your guts out at anytime during this playoff series?

If you are a Cleveland Indians fan, the answer is yes to all of the above!

I want more!

I want it all!!

I never want it to end!!!

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