Friday, October 5, 2007

How Many Umpires…

Really, how many umpires does it take to call a home run?
Major League Baseball could save a little payroll based on the call, the huddle, and the reversal that took place on Johnny Damon’s 1st inning home run last night. Yes, it was a fair ball but didn’t the right field umpire have a better view than the other 5 umps?
Even the television replay was inconclusive as to fair, foul, or existing! The ball was reminiscent of the Watergate tapes as it seemed to vaporize as it left Johnny’s bat.
Well, just file this as part of this wacky 2007 Indians season with the snows of April, the home games in Milwaukee and Seattle, the run from the 3rd inning added on in the 6th inning, and now the foul homer that was fair.
It doesn’t matter…this team appears to be able to overcome any obstacle!
Watching the game on TBS was challenging as well. Because the previous game was not yet completed on TBS, the Indians-Yankees game started on TNT. I can’t take the TBS/TNT announcers so I turned the radio on. Pretty soon, about the bottom of the first inning, Jerry Orbach of Law and Order seemed to be calling the play by play! Grab the remote…switch channels…Whew! There they are!
Who dresses these guys on TBS to do these games? Who is the clown in the bad pinstripe jackets with the bad hair?
I can’t take these guys, I’ll be at the game tonight, box seats by 1st base, wearing red!
Before last night's game, I predicted a score of Cleveland 11, New York 5(see “Nervous…Good!” from yesterday afternoon below). Final score…Cleveland 12, New York 3…not bad.
Want more?
O.K., tonight’s game will be extra innings…final score…
Cleveland 5, New York 4 in 11 innings!
Believe it!
We will be one game away from the sweep!!!

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