Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Cleveland (W)edge!

You know, it is one thing to be so nervous that you are upsetting yourself or scared before this big game tonight. It’s another thing to be nervously confident and anticipating a great victory by your own team.
Cleveland fans have got to stop worrying so much!
All you hear on the talk shows, mainly coming from the hosts is how we blew our big chance on Thursday night.
Eric Wedge is right! Thursday is behind us. Today is a new game! (Wow! I didn’t think I would ever take comfort in a Wedge-ism!)
So, who’s upset and scared?
I’ll tell you who is and who should be…Curt Schilling, that’s who!
He was quoted as saying that he is afraid to let his team down with a bad performance and that fear has motivated him to success in the past. He also said that if he does his job, they win…if he doesn’t, they lose. Sounds almost like a Manny-ism, doesn’t it?
So, who’s confident and anticipating this game?
I’ll tell you who and who should be…Fausto Carmona, that’s who!
Fausto said he is nervous but only because he wants to do so well for the team and the fans. He said that all he has to do is pitch well and win the game…plain and simple.
Fausto listens to Victor Martinez. Fausto must pitch his game and make the Boston hitters swing at his pitches…just like Beckett did, just like Jake Westbrook did.
One of the best hitters in the American League paid a high compliment to Fausto. Torii Hunter of the Twins said that he felt like he had a hangover facing Fausto, that his pitches were just filthy.
Keys to a Tribe victory tonight:

  • Fausto, pitch your game!
  • Fausto, listen to Victor!
  • Indians hitters, be selectively aggressive but protect the plate with two strikes!
  • Grady, cut loose, play your game, get to Schilling early!
  • Asdrubel, gain back that maturity and confidence at the plate that helped the Indians get where they are! You are a spark to this great offense!
  • Pronk, be the hitter that you are, no position shifting can defense balls hit against or over the wall!
  • Victor, you are the leader, the mainstay of this strong, young team. Lead by example as you have done all year. Battle for every pitch, at the plate or behind it. Appeal anything that looks like the batter took the bat off of his shoulder. Go for any advantage! You are the heart and soul of this team, rally them once again!
  • Ryan, unleash the beast…you know it’s time for you to break loose!
  • Jhonny, continue your great offensive and defensive approach to the playoffs!
  • Kenny, Continue your great playoff contributions. Keep the emotions in check until after the victory…or don’t…either way, this town loves ya! I sure would like to see two things tonight…your second home run as a 2007 Cleveland Indian and one of your famous “chop” swings that you beat out for a timely hit!
  • Franklin, you are a fabulous hitter…see the ball big, curve or not and spray it all over the park like you do!
  • Casey, you are one of the biggest reasons we are in the ALCS. Your approach, unselfishness, gutsy performances, and never quit attitude have taught this team so much about who they are and what they became as a team. We need you “on fire” tonight!

Boston is a tough team who probably is a little tougher because they are on the ropes, like a cornered wild animal. They have their strengths but the have their weakness too. Exploit them;
Manny being Manny, frustrating Pedroia at the plate, keeping Schilling fearful of this Tribe offense, inside pitches to move these guys off the plate, pitching under the hands of Big Papi and Youkilis, keeping Big Papi and Manny out of the same inning whenever possible, beat the brains in of the bottom third of Boston’s order because they are only batting .174 in the ALCS, be filthy!

Even though there is a possibility of a game 7 tomorrow night, the mindset for tonight for the Indians has to be “Must Win!”
There is no doubt that they can rise to the occasion.
You have to feel confident that, with everything they have been through, with everything they have accomplished, they win tonight.
Thanks to the Cleveland Indians for a fabulous season.
Thanks for what is still ahead to be accomplished.
Cleveland 5
Boston 3
Joe Borowski scares the beans out of us but gets the save!
Believe It!

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