Friday, October 26, 2007

Can't Bear To Watch?

Eric Wedge, manager of the Cleveland Indians apparently has no desire to follow the 2007 World Series. In an interview Thursday in the cold, dark, abandoned bowels of Jacobs Field, the Tribe skipper had this to say:
"I just don't have any desire to watch," he said. "My focus is always going to be on us. I'm starting to look forward to our meetings next week about 2008. I don't think watching [the Series] helps with that."
In a similar announcement, Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally stated that he was no longer going to look at the designs of Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, etc. “What for?” he added, “We are #2 of the big 3, that’s good enough!”
Also, Best Buy Co. CEO Brad Anderson explained that he and his board were no longer going to pay attention to Circuit City, H.H. Gregg, or any other competitors strategies, stating that Best Buy is better off staying focused on what they can control.
"Whaddaya mean ya gotta win 4 in a best of 7?"

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