Sunday, October 14, 2007

For A Good Time…

For a good time, call 216-420-HITS!

Yes, there are a handful of tickets left for all 3 games this week as the Tribe hosts the Red Sox at the "Jake" on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Also, another way to purchase tickets directly from season ticket holders is called “Tribe Ticket Marketplace.”

There is nothing like the crowd at Jacobs Field, especially during the playoffs! You can be sure that the crowd on hand for Monday night's game will be rockin'! Be apart of it as the Indians continue their quest for the 2007 World Series...Believe It!

This just in...George Steinbrenner has just turned over control of the New York Yankees to his sons, Hank and Hal Steinbrenner. The decision was based on the elder Steinbrenner's declining health. See the link below...;_ylt=AgoWVMPjhNYtXRnamL1obi0RvLYF?slug=txyankeessteinbrenner&prov=st&type=lgns

How you feelin' today?

Game 2 of the ALCS was fantastic! From start to finish, it kept you on the edge of your seat from 8:21 PM until well after 1:00 AM this morning! Indians fans had to be stressed until the top of the 11th inning. I had nothing to drink other than water and apple cider and today I feel like I drank a bottle of Jack Daniels!

When Mastny put away the top three Boston hitters in the bottom of the 10th inning and the Tribe began to score 7 runs in the top of the 11th, I was certainly relieved. I thought, "No game Sunday night, I can relax!" Well, I don't know about you, but I am ready for another Indians-Red Sox game right now!
Monday night can't come soon enough!
Go Tribe! The fans will be behind you, louder than ever!
Jake Westbrook will have the game of his career and the Indians will go up, 2 games to 1...
Believe It!

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