Monday, October 15, 2007

No Dice!!!!

The Cleveland Indians got to Daisuke Matsuzaka of Boston early and put him out of the game in the 5th inning.
I guess you could say "We rolled the Dice!"

Cleveland outfielder Kenny Lofton hit his first home run ( a 2-run shot) as a 2007 Cleveland Indian and it put the Indians ahead for good tonight in game 3 of the ALCS.
"Ken-ny, Ken-ny, Ken-ny" came out for the curtain call and the fans stood for "The Mayor Of Cleveland!"
Jake Westbrook was able to keep the Red Sox off of the scoreboard through 6 innings with some outstanding defense that turned 3 double plays. The Indians are doing their part to be the Kardiac Kids of baseball. However, the bullpen came through again as Jensen Lewis, Raphael Betancourt, and Joe Borowski combined for two and a third innings of scoreless baseball.
Are you lovin' the 4-5-3 double play?!
The shift for Big Papi putting Peralta on the right side has produced 2 of these unusual double plays!

The fans truly were the 10th man, cheering wildly from start to finish, waving their "It's Tribe Time Now" towels, and letting home plate umpire Brian Gorman know just what they thought of his strike zone, or lack thereof.

Now the "experts" are starting to take notice of the Cleveland Indians.

We are beginning to get the media respect that we deserve.

Although this game was highly stressful, I am ready for more...tomorrow night!

I want it all, I want it this year!

The Cleveland Indians are going to the 2007 World Series...Believe It!

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