Friday, October 19, 2007

The One That Got Away...

Well, you can't win them all...or catch them all...or hit them all...or even hit some of them, sometimes.
This all too familiar sight took place again last night on a debated Manny Ramirez long single that Manny took for a home run as he broke into his familiar stroll.As a matter of fact, this is about the only thing that Manny "dug out" last night!
Slip sliding away seemed to be the theme last night as Boston spread out 7 runs on 12 hits. They did however leave 17 on base!
About the only real excitement came when Kenny Lofton dropped his bat on home plate when he apparently looked at what he deemed as ball four. On the next pitch, Kenny flied out and starting pitcher Josh Beckett and Kenny jawed at each other before clearing the benches and being separated.

My money would have been on Kenny, looking like Evander Holyfield trying to regain the crown.
But let's give credit to the Boston Red Sox. They refused to quit and will keep coming back at the Tribe until we take a 4th win. Josh Beckett pitched a great game against us, yielding only 1 run on 5 hits with 11 strike outs and 1 walk.

It wasn't the Tribe's time last night but this Cleveland team will not be denied!
Let's go to Boston and win it all on the pitching of Fausto Carmona and an explosive offense!
Cleveland will take Boston in Game 6...
Believe It!

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