Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ALCS...At Last Cleveland Stars!

They did it...We did it!
David and Goliath? Not in my mind!
"The Cleveland Indians are a force to be reckoned with," says Frank Thomas, TBS commentator.
Thanks Frank, but we knew that and so did you. As a matter of fact, now Skip Carey and his crew know it. They'll have to stop rooting for the Yankees now and put on their Sox hats and Bostonian accents.
That's OK, we like the incentive you provide. That is some of the worst baseball coverage I have ever witnessed.

Hey, forget it...The Indians won and now move on to the ALCS!

Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians, their fans, and the city of Cleveland!
This is a great team that has never backed down from anyone, even the Yankees who held a 6-0 regular season advantage over the good guys.
And yes, Clevelanders do hate the Yankees, but what about their season?
They made an incredible run from +14 games down to almost winning the division.
Behind Eric Wedge for American League Manager of the Year is Joe Torre. With the injuries to his regulars, he had to take AAA players and pitchers, develop them on the major league roster, and make a run for the division, winning the American League Wild Card.
Fire Joe? That's ridiculous!
Joe Torre, hold your head high, you had a fabulous season!

I still hate the Yankees!
Go Tribe!
On to Boston for more games to give us a cardio-pulmonary jolt!!

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