Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Good News/The Bad News…

Things Are Looking Up For The Joes!

Good News…
Joe Girardi was offered the job of managing the New York Yankees.
A-Rod announced prior to game 4 of the World Series that he would be opting out of his Yankees contract.
With these changes, it appears that the Yankees are at least one season away from returning to the playoffs.
Is there a wild card in all of this?
Yes, Barry Bonds! As he leaves San Francisco, filing for free agency yesterday, he will catch on with an American League team as a DH. Who can afford him?...The Yankees!

More Good News…
It was reported that the Dodgers are very interested in Joe Torre to manage the team.
Good for Joe! Good for the Indians as he will be managing in the National League!
Where Ya Goin' With That Bat?

Igor And Franken-Wedge?

Bad News?...
Kinda…The Detroit Tigers picked up Edgar (I beat the Indians in the 1997 World Series) Renteria.
This 5-time All-Star, 2-time Golden Glover, and 3-time Silver Slugger will be a huge addition to the Tigers in their already potent batting order and in the field as their short stop. If the Indians stand pat with their roster, this will ensure that the Tigers will more than contend for the division.
Wild Card?...
Indians manager Eric Wedge was quoted as saying that most of the 2007 Indians team will be back for 2008…Hmmm…In that case, can we count on a playoff choke again or can we find, discover, or uncover a player or two that will make this team finish off an opponent? Think back…up 3 games to 1 over powerhouse Boston, playing game 5 at home with our two top pitchers poised to win the ALCS…in game 5…in game 6…OK, our aces couldn’t get it done, how about game 7…CHOKE! CHOKE!! CHOKE!!!
The Red Sox graciously paid homage to the Indians as their biggest hurdle in the playoff, claiming that coming from behind 3 games to 1 was the turning point in their playoffs. Listening to Tim McCarver, anyone who beat the Red Sox, including the Indians being up 3 games to 1, was a “fluke” as he called it.
Cleveland General Manager Mark Shapiro (pronounced with a long i, like Eye-gor in “Young Frankenstein”) has got his hands full overcoming “Flukes” and “Chokes” this off season.
Igor, keep the “Good News” coming!

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