Saturday, October 6, 2007

Big Bad Bugs Bugged Roger!

Roger Clemens was interviewed by the media prior to his start tomorrow in game 3, the final (I promise) game of the playoff series between the Yankees and the Indians. It is always a mistake to put a microphone in front of Clemens.
Roger was asked what he would have done if he were the manager during the bug incident Friday night. "I would have probably pulled us off the field," Clemens said.
Really? Do the umpires get any say in a situation like that?
Perhaps he means he would have forfeited the game. Naw, I don't think so. He was just Roger being Roger.
It was humorous to see the Yankees acting as if the bugs carried a dangerous disease. They weren't Tsetse flies! Most of the Yankees over-reacted to the point of ridiculousness. I thought Derek Jeter was going to cry. A-Rod was a total baby. The guy that was most affected, Joba Chamberlain, was the most professional.
But come on, were the bugs only bugging the Yankees? Of course not! It was just that the Indians as a team and as individuals were much more professional. Both Fausto Carmona and Raphael Perez were bothered as well. It is ridiculous for Clemens to make a statement like that, as if the Indians did not earn the game. But, he is a showboat. The Yankees are not much of a team either, just some very talented individuals that win together...previously.

About Roger...
Roger Clemens probably has one of the best strength and conditioning programs in all of professional sports. It keeps him in great shape for his age of 45. He is a great pitcher.
But, the guy is a major jerk!
In a minor league game, after his own son hit a home run off him, Roger threw a bean ball at him his next time up at the plate!
Do you remember the infamous broken bat incident? Roger was facing Mike Piazza. Mike broke his bat swinging and as the ball went to an infielder, the bat head bounded towards Roger. Roger picked up the bat head and threw it at Piazza as he was running to 1st base! After the game, a sportscaster asked Roger why he threw the bat head at Piazza. His response was that he thought it was the ball. Sorry, Roger, we thought the game was baseball not S.P.U.D.! He missed Mike Piazza so I guess Roger gets "S" on himself.
There is no denying that Roger Clemens is a great pitcher. He is just a self- centered jerk.
The Indians will get to Clemens early and often tomorrow. Then we will be done with him...until he graces the world with another dramatic un-retiring again. Please don't. Just take your place in Cooperstown and go quietly for a change.

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