Thursday, October 4, 2007

Believe It!

and believe, because this team is for real!
A town comes out in support of their Tribe!
From start to finish, this was a team effort.

Long time (since 1973) bleachers drummer
John Adams is honored by
throwing out the first pitch!

LeBron was there...not cool, James!

Question: How many umpires does it take to call a home run?!

C.C. Sabathia dominated the Yankees..
not with his best stuff
but he got down and nasty
when he needed to!

Want to win in the Playoffs?
Go get Kenny Lofton
and bring him back to Cleveland where he belongs!
Kenny drove in 4 runs and sparked two rallies!

Our rookies may be awe-struck but they continue to strike awe into the competition!
Asdrubal Cabrera is congratulated on his solo home run!

Victor has been the most constant star in the Indians
line-up. Why should he let his first ever playoff game change that?
Victor celebrates his 2-run home run!

Travis Hafner and Ryan Garko also homered in this game one of the ALDS!

Yes, it was only one game but buckle up!

Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians, their fans, and their city! ...Believe It!


andrew said...

Have a great time tomorrow - bring us home a winner!

Big Daddy said...

Look for me, I'll be the fan in red!