Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Was That Stench At The "Pro" Today?!

Brian "Killer" O'Nora
Last seen: In the vicinity of home plate at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday afternoon, pretending to be a major league umpire.
Description: Approximately 5'8" tall, 230 lbs, and suffers from poor eye sight, poor judgement, and extreme inconsistency.
Additional information: Use extreme caution with this individual as he is considered dangerous to the sport of baseball and fair play everywhere.
If apprehended, turn him over to Major League Baseball with films of the May 28, 2008 ballgame between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox.
Accuracy to right handed batters 84.75% Leag. Ave. 87.54%
Accuracy to left handed batters 84.04% Leag. Ave. 85.06%
Consistency to right handed batters 90.47% Leag. Ave. 91.31%
Consistency to left handed batters 90.6% Leag. Ave. 91.56%

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