Friday, May 9, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys!

Come on, admit it...
When you saw the video of Richie Sexson charging the mound, did you jump up and say, "Go, Richie!"
I did. For good or bad reasons, I loved it! Guys were getting hit on both teams and it was time to end it, so "Sexy Richie" or "Big Sexy" (as he was called back in the days when he went deep for the Indians) decided to "sacrifice" himself to unite the team.
Perhaps, you say, I am giving Sexson too much cerebral credit? Perhaps!
Perhaps Richie could have waited for an inside pitch instead of just an eye high but over the plate pitch? Perhaps!
At any rate, his actions were spur of the moment, hot-headed, dangerous, and yet...heroic!
Come on, think back to when you did any level!
People may not remember that the other team couldn't get you out, how many RBIs you had, or how you may have been single-handedly crushing the opposing team, but they do remember that you lost it that night and maybe not even remember the reason why!
You know you love telling the story!
So what!
Nobody got hurt but you risked league suspension to stand up for your guys!
Great stuff!!!
You may remember an Indians' game last year on May 4th vs. the Blue Jays. Josh Barfield slid home hard on catcher Jason Phillips who was blocking the plate. After Barfield was called out, Phillips hovered over and challenged Barfield to let him know that he was upset with the slide. On deck batter David Dellucci would have none of that as he got right up in Phillips grill with extreme intensity! Phillips backed down, probably the fact that Dellucci still had bat in hand made a little difference.
I remember the play like it was yesterday but what I didn't remember was that Dellucci went out into left field, made a spectacular catch, then led off the bottom of the next inning with a double. I also didn't remember that the Indians won the game with a bottom of the ninth inning double by Grady Sizemore. The bravado displayed by Dellucci absolutely had much to do with the victory.
So, "Sexy Richie," take your suspension (surely one will be levied) and a possible fine in stride. As much as I like your creativity, throwing the helmet was over-kill. But your comments on the post-brawl interview, although tongue-in-cheek, were apologetic, not to the Rangers but to the fact that the incident took place at all.
"Rhubarbs" will always have their place in the game and although they are highly entertaining, they do serve a purpose when conducted properly...uh, when conducted?!
P.S. Did you see who played the part of peacemaker during the incident?
None other than Milton Bradley...that is rich!!!


ab said...

Sexton should have been suspended for about 25 games. That was incredibly bush league.

Big Daddy said...

The suspension will get "knocked down" to 3 games after the appeal.
Knock downs beget charges of the mound...Go big sexy!!!