Monday, May 5, 2008

The Shot, The Fumble, The Drive, ...The Shirt?

She's gonna need a larger shirt!

No doubt, you have seen "The Shirt" that someone in the Papa John's Pizza organization created in Washington D.C. to razz LeBron James for what became the final game of the round 1 playoffs between the Wizards and the Cavs. Well, it didn't work so well. In fact, it was in pretty bad taste (pun intended) and prompted the Papa John's organization to come up with a 23¢ large pizza promotion in Cleveland for this Thursday, May 8th.

What if other advertisers capitalized on the woes of the Cleveland Indians for a similar self-serving ad campaign???

Conrad's Tire and Repair is the sponsor of the Cleveland Indians' Post Game show on Sportstime Ohio. They could sponsor a "Fix A Flat Free" promotion as long as the Tribe's offense is FLAT! Personally, I would drive on 4 rims before I would subject myself to this company's poor, poor customer service ever again...they are positively the worst to deal with!

Subway is a longtime advertiser with the Cleveland Indians and Sportstime Ohio as well. Perhaps they could run a promotion featuring their 6" subs based on runs scored by the Indians the night before. As long as the Tribe is "underperforming," you pay ten cents per run per inch of a 6" Sub! Yikes, they could lose a fortune! In fact, subs based on the last game would be free!

Continental Airlines is also an advertiser with the club. Continental has decided to go it alone and avoid mergers, staying as a hub in Cleveland...for the time being. They could come up with a "Quick Get-A-Way" promo for anyone in Cleveland totally upset and in need of a change of scenery due to the Indians won/loss record. The Indians are 14 and 17 with a .452 winning percentage. They could charge 45% off any fare, anywhere until the Indians reach .500 or better! Hopefully it will be fans that take advantage of the promo and not players!

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