Monday, May 12, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the clubhouse…

For immediate release:
The Chicago White Sox blowup doll controversy has now spread to other major league baseball clubhouses, including that of the Cleveland Indians.
Major League officials are steadfast in their refusal to take any disciplinary action stating, “This is a team issue, not a league issue.”
Indians' manager Eric Wedge has called a team meeting for this afternoon prior to a double header with the Blue Jays at Progressive Field. The meeting will allow the team to "air out" the issue and not let it get "inflated."
Third baseman Casey Blake was quoted as saying, "We're still as 'pumped up' as ever."
First baseman Ryan Garko claims that the team is still "filled" with enthusiasm despite the "deflating" occurrence.
Click on the link below for an "expanded" view…
Warning, the following picture is graphic in nature and should be viewed only by responsible Cleveland Indians fans with a great sense of humor!

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