Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's All About Accountability At All Levels

What's a manager to do?!
Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes today, “No Free Pass for Tribe Hitters.”
Yes, Terry we couldn’t agree more but obviously, you are as frustrated as the Cleveland fans. This blog has been calling for a reaction since the batting slump began back in the first week of the 2008 season. Do we need to make a trade? No, not necessarily, unless a deal we can’t refuse comes a knockin’. Do we need to bring up guys from the farm? Yeah, it’s easy to say now that Ben Francisco should have been here from the spring but you are right, that is not the answer. You are suggesting that it is time to blame the players for their own batting woes. Everyone with a heartbeat and eyesight would agree 100%...but your solution?
Wedge should play Aubrey and sit Garko and Hafner.
Wedge should continue to play Francisco everyday.
Perhaps Cabrera should spend some time at AAA.
And on and on with what the coaching staff and front office should do…
What the coaching staff and front office should do?...BINGO!
That is the true frustration of the Cleveland Fan!
Here is a team that is terribly under performing. The fans are not present and down on the field to witness batting practice and the coaching sessions. And Wedge keeps conversations on those events private with respect to the players, as he should. However, when a team keeps under performing night after night, you have to wonder if the coaches are equipped to turn this team around.
Why did it take close to 9 months to fix Sabathia and Carmona?
What happened to Cliff Lee last year and who got him straight? Why did it take so long?
Why do the strikeouts continue since opening day? Why isn’t there any accountability (at least it appears that there isn’t) for called third strikes?
Last year, this team made their fortunes by being patient at bat and choosing their pitch. This year, if they are not swinging at the first pitch, the bat stays on their shoulders until strike 3 is called and they look at the home plate umpire as if he has a guide dog!
The average fan can only assume that the coaches are as frustrated as everyone else is. Eric Wedge speaks to the importance of preparation over results. But the fans do not see any reaction to missed opportunities and poor results, especially during the course of the game! Where is the coaching????
At this point, any reaction would be welcome, even if it were wrong.
Want the hitters to be accountable?
They must be held accountable to results and that is not happening.
We are at game 46 tonight. It is long past time for accountability on all levels.

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