Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Dream Line-Up for Tonight’s Game...

Facing undefeated Chien-Ming Wang tonight, here is my dream line-up that will never be handed to the umpire:

  1. Asdrubal Cabrera 2B
  2. Grady Sizemore CF
  3. Victor Martinez C
  4. Ryan Garko 1B
  5. Travis Hafner DH
  6. David Dellucci LF
  7. Jhonny Peralta SS
  8. Ben Francisco RF
  9. Casey Blake 3B

    This line up gives you two switch hitters in Cabrera and Martinez, three left-handed hitters in Sizemore, Hafner, and Dellucci, and four right-handed hitters that are capable of hitting right-handed pitching in Francisco, Blake, Peralta, and Garko. I believe you have to create a line-up as if every batter will bat in the first inning. You need to play out the scenarios in your head to give them the best shot at coming true. Here is the play by play (imagine the voice of Tom Hamilton);
  1. “Cabrera has worked the count to full. Wang winds and throws, Cabrera slaps a single into right field!”
  2. “Wang is really holding Cabrera close to first. Sizemore is ready with a count of 2 balls and 1 strike. Wang comes set, takes a long look at Cabrera on first, and delivers. Sizemore drives the ball down the line into right field! Cabrera is digging for 3rd as the throw comes in, he slides…SAFE! Sizemore is in at second with a double. What a great piece of hitting by Sizemore as he got his pitch!”
  3. “Victor Martinez, leading the American League with a .340 average, steps to the plate batting left. With no outs, you wonder if the Yankees will put him on to set up the force and face righty Garko. No, it appears they will pitch to Victor. Victor stands in, Wang to the stretch, he delivers and Victor lifts the first offering up and away, deep into the seats in right-center for his first home run of the season! That puts the Indians ahead by a score of 3-0!”
  4. “Garko stands in. He is really looking for an outside pitch. Wang winds and delivers and he hits Garko in the elbow! That’s the 5th time he’s been hit this year! He leads the team in that category. Garko appears to be alright as he makes his way to 1st base.”
  5. “Garko takes a lead at first. Apparently, Wang does not feel he is a threat to go. Hafner has worked the count to 2 and 2. Wang comes to the stretch and delivers, Hafner drives the pitch deep into center field, a-waaaaaay back…this ball is gone, deep into the bleachers! The Indians’ offense has come alive here in the first inning! Wow, what a drive! Hafner really put a hurting on that ball! Indians 5, Yankees haven’t been to bat yet and there is still nobody out in the inning!”
  6. “Dellucci, the hero of last night’s game steps in. Wang winds up and delivers, Dellucci swings and launches a shot into left field, this ball has a chance, it hits the left field wall and Dellucci reaches 2nd base standing! What a drive and the firepower continues! Whatever has gotten into these guys needs to continue!”
  7. “Dellucci takes his lead at second. Wang checks him as he comes to the stretch, the pitch and Peralta lifts the ball right over second base and into center field as Dellucci will score easily! 6-0 Tribe! How about that!”
  8. “Ben Francisco has worked the count to one ball and two strikes. He’s a pretty good two-strike hitter. Peralta steps away from 1st base. Wang delivers, Francisco drives the ball down the right field line past Giambi at first base and into right field! He’s got double on his mind as he rounds first and heads to second! Peralta is into 3rd base easily as the throw will come to second… here comes the throw and a head first slide by Francisco…SAFE! How about that?! Boy oh boy, this team is on fire! Still nobody out! You have to wonder what is going on in Wang’s mind. How long will they let him stay out there?!”
  9. “Blake is looking to bring home Peralta and Francisco as the Indians will bat around. Blake takes strike two. Casey has got to get some swings in. Now is the time to join the hit parade. Wang looks at Francisco on second and comes to the plate…Blake hammers this ball to deep left field! This ball is going to be out of here if it stays fair! There it goes, onto the Home Run Porch! Boy did he need that! Indians 9, Yankees may get to bat tonight but I don’t know when! What an inning!”

    That’s the line-up I want with the optimal outcome…Go Tribe!


TheNaturalMevs said...

I like your blog man and I'm going to link it. Check out mine sometime

Big Daddy said...

Diamond Hoggers is very professionally done!

ab said...

Think my Cleveland line up would have Cabrera in Buffalo and Hafner in Texas.

Big Daddy said...

Do you know something we don't know?
(After all, you have all of those media connections...come on, share the knowledge!)

ab said...

I wish!

You know I love the North Dakotans, but I've about had it with Travis hitting into inning-ending double plays, grounding out meekly to second or flying out to the right fielder.

So let's send him to someplace like Texas, Seattle, Kansas City or Baltimore and get a closer.

Big Daddy said...

Unfortunately, I think he goes to another team that can coach him on the adjustments he needs and he returns to superstar status. I do not have the confidence in this coaching staff to help the pitchers or the hitters make the necessary adjustment, or even recognize them until Terry Pluto writes about them...Derek who?
Carl who?
Can you say Brandon Phillips?
Will we some day talk about Andy Marte the same way? (Ohhh, say it won't be so!)