Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Give Us Barabas, er Borowski!

Who'd of thought we would be begging for the return of Joe Blow?!

Yes, we all know now what a difficult job it is to be a closer. That fact has been well supported by the the Brewers' Eric Gagne and the Cards' Jason Isringhausen crying "uncle" and asking for a break from closing.


This must be the job nobody wants.

What about Masa Kobayashi? Wasn't the reason we got him in the off-season because he was this fabulous closer in Japan? Come on, put him to work, let's see what he's got. So far, so good! In 17 games, he is 2-0 with a 2.08 ERA. He has 10 strike outs and 2 walks! Hey, that's not bad! Put him in coach, at least in more critical situations. He's going to be 34 years old in 10 days, what are we saving him for?

Rafael Betancourt is very valuable to the Cleveland Indians, just not in a closer role.

So, hurry back Joe Blow! We love you when you save a game and you did that 45 times in 2007. You even warned us that a lot of fans were going to start smoking again with you around!

Until Joe returns, how about Masa?

All hail Asdrubal Cabrera on his unassisted triple play last night! He was quoted in the morning paper (through an interpreter) that as soon as the ball was hit, he knew he had a chance for a triple play. Wow! Talk about having your head in the game!

It's too bad that his slick fielding and Cliff Lee's valiant pitching effort went for naught. We still have an energy crisis at the plate.

Manager Eric Wedge showed some emotion last night in his post-game interview and it was very welcome! When asked about the play by his second baseman, Wedge growled at the interviewer's question.

"It's a triple play," snapped manager Eric Wedge after the game. "I'm not going to talk about it. We didn't win the game."
Wedge was upset over the Indians' inability to hit Shaun Marcum and relievers B.J. Ryan (1-0) and Kelly Downs.
"Our approach was as poor, if not the poorest, I've seen here all year," said Wedge. "There's no excuse. We gave away at bats all night long. Their kid [Marcum] is a helluva pitcher, but we gave away at bats all night."

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Go get 'em Wedgie!

Things don't get any easier with the A's coming to the Pro tonight. This offense has got to get going!

This is a great team but they need a foot up their behind to get back on track. Here is hoping Wedge has a pair of size 16 combat boots he can get after them with!

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