Sunday, May 25, 2008

One Win, Don’t Get Excited…

The Cleveland Indians found a win last night. There is still much to do before this team contends again.
For example;

  • How do you like the reward Jensen Lewis received yesterday? He is by all measures the 4th best reliever on the staff with 27.2 innings in 20 games, 0-2 record during a run shortage, and he holds a respectable 3.58 ERA. The word is that he has some mechanical problems to work out to get his velocity back up. We truly do not have 9 months for this coaching staff to address any mechanical issues, better send him down where he can get some help. Perhaps he has mechanical isses but there is no hiding the fact that Lewis has minor league OPTIONS. By optioning Lewis and placing Carmona on the DL, room was made for Ed Mujica (8.31 lifetime ERA) and Scott Elarton (10.46 lifetime ERA).
  • Meanwhile, Jorge Julio and Andy Marte take up valuable space on the 25 man roster. Slide over for Mujica and Elarton…resembles more of a 21 man roster.
  • Sheldon Ocker of the Akron Beacon Journal writes today that he believes he knows what ails the Indians.
    “Slumping Tribe Suffers From Happiness Deficit.”
    He thinks that manager Eric Wedge is not keeping things loose enough, after all, baseball is a game. While most think that there is not enough accountability, could Sheldon really think there is too much? Perhaps you could agree if you saw anyone on this team (besides Ben Francisco) focused at the plate, or even stressing a little. Still, throwing names in a hat and pulling out a lineup may serve two purposes; improving upon Wedge’s 40 or so different lineups and truly loosening things up…Hmm.
  • Have you seen Joe Torre’s State Farm commercial?
    Love ya, Joe! Perhaps we will meet someday in a World Series. Both teams could certainly be on track…after this season.
  • How about Lebron James Vitamin Water commercial?
    Further proof the King can do anything. I wonder if he can hit a 90 mph fastball. Would he consider trading in his Yankee hat?
  • Do you think Victor Martinez really cut his finger trying to remove a hangnail? BAH! After he tangled with and lost to the plastic bucket last week there was much secrecy to the middle index finger injury that has kept him out of the past two games. First, it was a scratch, now it is a full-blown flesh tear that started with the removal of the hangnail. Being on this team and knowing their history of putting people on the DL, no wonder Victor tried to downplay the injury, as did Fausto on Friday night, as did Westbrook, as did Borowski, etc. Guys sitting in the clubhouse or on the bench must be thinking twice about coughing or sneezing.
  • Earlier this week, after three blown home run calls by the men in blue, Eric Wedge was asked how he felt about the possibility of instant replays in MLB. Wedge’s reply was, “Human error is part of the game. When you start something like that, where does it lead?” This of course was said before the umpiring committee totally blew the Ben Francisco home run Friday night. They blow them in the playoffs, they blow them in the regular season. The technology is there…use it for questionable home run calls. It would be quicker that the “ruling by umpire committee” as they obviously are guessing.

Here is hoping the Indians have a trade in the works to get rid of some dead wood/dead arms…Don’t hold your breath because they are scared to death to turn Andy Marte into another Brandon Phillips. And what’s with the on-again love affair with Scott Elarton? You can bet we will find out today...[insert scream here]. Go C. C., we need you all 9 today!


Deaner said...

I'll be going to see the Tribe this coming weekend in KC. It will probably be my last game at Kauffman Stadium before moving back to Ohio. Hopefully we'll see a good game.

Anonymous said...

Scott Elarton belongs on the Indians, together they make a great sucking sound in the American League.