Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Real American (League) Hero!

As we waited for the rains to pass last Sunday afternoon, there were some very interesting calls into the Indians' radio station on that gloomy Mother's Day. One caller in particular came up with a great comparison for obviously her favorite Indian. She compared left fielder David Dellucci with a G.I. Joe action figure. Since David has recently sported some facial hair growth, he does very much resemble "Shipwreck" of the G.I. Joe brigade...Too funny! The two radio hosts really got into the comparison and started to Google G.I. Joe and, sure enough, they were hooked on calling Dellucci G.I. Joe!

We have had some other comparisons, like Fred Flintstone for Ryan Garko and most recently actor Javier Bardem for Travis Hafner (that's much better than the "Shrek" reference any day).

But since David has been healthy this year, he did have a slow start at the beginning of the season but as of late, he is becoming our Real American Hero!

From hitting a home run to beat the Yankees to wrastlin' down that sure double against the left field wall last night, this guy is beginning to show that he can do it all.

Since being moved up to second, third, or fifth in manager Eric Wedge's line-up (depending on the opposing pitcher), Dellucci has responded with an increase in his batting average to .245 (and rising), 5th on the team in OBP, and 2nd in Slugging.

Go G.I. David!

Grady's Ladies really stole the show on Saturday night! check out the hopefuls in the stands as Grady and team beat up on the Jays...

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