Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mirror Mirror…

On Tuesday, Detroit Tigers’ manager Jim Leyland commented to the media that his patience was getting short with his team’s dismal performance season to date. He said that if he has to start naming names and stop protecting players day to day, he would do that. When asked what effect that may have on the team, Leland responded,
"I don't give a [#@%&] what [@#@$%] it has," he said. "When people start making weak excuses in the newspaper, diversionary tactics and [#@$%], that rubs me wrong. I don't give a [&%$#] what effect it has. It can't have a bad effect, because we've been as [$%&@#] as you can be. So it can't hurt. I'm not looking for problems here, but I'm a man. I look in the mirror. When I'm [#$#@], I'm [$#$%]. And there's a few [$%&@#%] in that clubhouse right now that are [$#%] too. And they need to look in that mirror. Don't look at mine, look at theirs. And don't look at the guy next to them. Look in the mirror yourself. Don't be pointing fingers over here and why we're not doing well. That's all weak [$%#@]. Grilli's [%$%#], some of that other [#$%@] I read in the paper today, that's weak [#$%@]. Weak."

Cleveland manager Eric Wedge was asked about the effect losing was having on his team last night. He responded, "I don't think they're happy, and I don't think they should be," Wedge said. "But this is where the toughness really has to stand out. We can't feel sorry for ourselves or drop our heads. You've got to stand up and take it, look in the mirror, face it head on and keep fighting."

What’s with all the mirror references? The way these two teams are playing, you would think they broke all their mirrors already! Of course, Indians’ catcher Victor Martinez could make sure any remaining mirrors are out of commission. He took good care of a plastic sunflower seed bucket last night in the dugout. So thorough was Victor that he needed head trainer Lonnie Soloff’s assistance to remove his foot from the hole he kicked in the bucket!

Wedge keeps insisting that his team will come out of this offensive crisis. If not, we may need to save just one mirror so that we can reflect on the 2007 season.

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