Monday, May 19, 2008

No Apologies Intended, Just Well Wishes

In this morning's Cleveland Plain Dealer, Brandon Phillips forgives the Cleveland Indians organization...but does not forget.

Brandon Phillips said that the Indians' organization mistreated him.
Said Phillips, "I forgive them for everything they did, but I'll never forget it. I won't."
In 2003, Phillips was handed the second base job out of spring training. He responded to this "mistreatment" with a .208 batting average in 112 games and 370 at bats. Upon being traded to Cincinnati, Phillips' numbers improved dramatically. Perhaps Phillips hit his stride while reaching a maturity level? Perhaps he merely hit his stride.

"The way I play the game, the way I pump my fist, the way I get excited, some managers don't like that," Phillips said. "I'm not saying just Eric Wedge. Dusty Baker loves it...It just gives more energy to the team. That's all it's about, me feeding energy."
There is no denying that the Brandon Phillips trade to Cincinnati will go down in G.M. Mark Shapiro's legacy as one of his worst. But Shapiro has made many good trades as well. More times than not, Shapiro's trades compliment manager Eric Wedge's mantra of respect for the game.

So good luck to you, Brandon. Look tomorrow in the paper or on the scoreboard and you will see that the Cleveland Indians are still able to play and compete very well without you. Same goes for Milton Bradley. These are two very talented players that will continue to do well in the major leagues, just not for the Indians and that's a good thing.

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