Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ode to the Indians' Batters

Ode to the Indians' Batters

(sung to the tune of "Misty")

Swing at me,

I'm a strike above the knee

And I feel like I could be strike three

Even when I’m thrown flat,

I get missed when you’re swinging a bat.

Walk? no way,

And a thousand boo-birds sound their dismay

Or “you’re out” the umpire may say

A curve ball you will fear,

I get missed when your bat gets so near

You can say that you're taking a pitch

But it's just that I want you to twitch

Don't you know just how hopeless you seem

That's all part of my scheme.

On my own,

I pass through an exaggerated strike zone

Never knowing if the call will be blown,

My location you’ll hate,

I get missed when you stand at the plate.

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