Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ozzie's Rant and The Tribe's Spark!

Did Ozzie cut his own throat?

Did he go too far?

On Monday, Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Chicago White Sox berated the Chicago fans and media for non-support of his team with a profanity laced rant. He claims they all have short memories and forgot that the Sox won the World Series in 2005.
Ozzie, as Paula Abdul said so well, “What have you done for me lately?”
2005 was two and one-fifth seasons ago.
As of Monday, your team was 2 games out of first place with a .467 winning percentage.
What do you want, a parade downtown?
The fact is, you are putting an inferior product on the field. It’s not oil or grain that we will buy no matter how high the price is driven.
Nowhere in the country does the free enterprise system work better than in professional sports; take major league baseball. Of the 14 teams in the American League, 6 of them are at or better than .500. Of the 16 teams in the National League, 10 of them are at or better than .500. That means 16 out of 30 teams, or 53.3%, are playing at a break even or better percentage. There are 14 teams that are not winning. They must improve or lose money (not make as much as they could with a winning record). This is the basis of our free enterprise system; winners win and losers lose.
So the question becomes, since Ozzie guaranteed a winning team or he would resign, is it time yet for Ozzie to fire himself?

"Put Me In Coach, I’m Ready To Play!" So said David Dellucci on Tuesday evening in the Bronx. Off the bench he comes late in the game to take the Indians from a 3-2 deficit to go ahead 5-3 with a 3-run pinch hit home run! “This is just the spark this team needs!” said radio color man Mike Hegan along side play-by-play commentator Tom Hamilton who agreed.
Spark? They may need a forest fire but we will start with this victory!
Tonight’s game is huge! Two undefeated pitchers go up against each other, Cliff Lee 5-0, 0.96 ERA vs. Chien-Ming Wang 6-0, 3.00 ERA. If Cliff can control the Yankees and give the Tribe another chance to win, we will be sure of winning this 3-game series and putting ourselves back on track…CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Rumor has it, the "Rocket" may throw out the first bat tonight!

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Deaner said...

Tom Hamiliton is the best announcer in baseball that hardly anyone knows about. Thanks to XM, however, I think that's changing.

You're right. Tonight's game IS huge. Now we just need something to spark Hafner.