Sunday, May 4, 2008

What If This Is As Good As They Get?

What if this is as good as they get?

The 2008 edition of the Cleveland Indians is 14 and 17 after 31 games. After 31 games last season, the Tribe was 20 and 11. As disappointing as this team is, they currently are only 2.5 games out of first place. They are second last in the league in batting average, 4th in ERA, and 3rd in fielding. They can't hit and the bullpen cannot hold a far.

But what if this is as good as they get?

Vice President and General Manager Mark Shapiro still thinks things will work out. Both he and manager Eric Wedge do not want to react too early. Wedge continues to say that the team will hit and the bullpen will improve.

But what if this is as good as they get?

We've been there before, through the 60's, 70's, and 80's when bad baseball was better than no baseball. We will keep on being fans because a true fan stays with their team through the good and the bad. This team shows no signs of improvement. The pitchers keep falling into the same bad habits and have so little confidence. C.C. cannot adjust from one umpire's strike zone to another. The hitters are lost in their own confusion at the plate. There appears to be little to no direction from the coaches and manager. If the boss says no changes will be made because it is too early and the players are expected to play through their issues and work them out, what could you expect? What if your company was under-performing and those in charge decided to wait and see if things worked out? You would lose ground to the competition while the employees went through their daily motions.

Character starts with leadership and it appears their is little of both on display. We may continue to be fans of the team but we don't have to be fans of the leadership.

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