Saturday, May 3, 2008

Line Up!

As reported in the Cleveland Plain Dealer this morning by Paul Hoynes, Indians manager Eric Wedge is having difficulty finding a line-up this year that produces consistently.

Well, if that’s all that’s troubling you, why not try mine?
  1. 2B Astrubal Cabrera

  2. CF Grady Sizemore

  3. C Victor Martinez

  4. 1B Ryan Garko

  5. DH Travis Hafner

  6. RF Franklin Gutierrez

  7. LF David Dellucci

  8. SS Jhonny Peralta

  9. 3B Casey Blake

With RHP Luke Hochevar (1-1, 5.91 ERA) starting for the Royals this evening, I love this line-up!

  • Cabrera can lead off. He switch hits, has speed, and makes good contact. Leading off may be just the right spark to ignite this little dynamo.

  • My dream slot in the line-up for Grady has always been the #2 spot. With a runner on 1st, lefty Grady is hitting behind the runner, he will get better pitches with a runner on, and he will cut down on his strike outs.

  • Victor batting 3rd makes so much sense. The league leading batsman drives in the swift Cabrera and Sizemore while getting to 2nd base as Grady scores from 1st!

  • Until Hafner heals himself at the plate, Garko is our power guy. His slump is over and he has that confident swing once again.

  • Even when Hafner is 100%, I still like him in the #5 slot. With two on, it’s RBI time for the big guy!

  • I have always felt that the #6 slot is like a second lead off position in the line up (so says Chuck Tanner as well when guiding the Pirates to world champs in 1979). Gutierrez is quick, makes great contact, and he has some power as well.

  • Lefty Dellucci is getting hot and his average is showing it. His .469 slugging percentage makes up for his sometimes “iffy” play in the field.

  • When facing a lefty pitcher, Peralta could be moved up to #7, but I like him batting 8th in a second cleanup spot. It’s time for Jhonny to get hot and stay hot.

  • Casey is struggling at bat and in the field but this workhorse has to be in the line up. As Grady is the fire that burns in the hearts of the team, Casey is the constant reminder that a positive attitude and get it done approach to the game, day in and day out will help drive the team to over-achieve.

Let’s be honest, for this team to make it deeper in the playoffs than they did last year, they all must over-achieve.
I wish I had just one night to put this line up in place and I would love it if it were against a team like the Royals.
What is your dream line-up for the Tribe? Let’s see it!

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