Saturday, May 30, 2009

What's Wrong?!

What’s wrong with Travis Hafner?
Travis Hafner was to finish his rehab assignment in Columbus, Ohio with the Clippers. He was to play three games in a row and be activated to the Indians by Monday. His shoulder is still sore and he was scratched from the Clippers’ game today. When will we know just what exactly is wrong with Travis Hafner?
What’s wrong with Grady Sizemore?
Grady Sizemore has a sore elbow. He is batting .225 and cannot play center field. He has been DH’ing and has been dropped to the #2 spot in the lineup (and that is a good thing if he gets healthy). When will we know what exactly is wrong with Grady Sizemore?
What’s wrong with Fausto Carmona?
He has become one of the most ineffective starters we have and he lacks confidence. When he does not get the low strike calls, he either walks batter after batter or puts the ball in the outfield seats. When will Fausto Carmona get straightened out?
How can we take 4 out of 4 games from the defending American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays and we let the Yankees bully us in our house? (Game 1 was lost to the Yankees last night by a score of 3-1 and the current score tonight is Yankees 7, Indians 2.)

Currently the Cavs are down to the Magic 28-20.

Why can’t “Championship Defense” ever be in our vocabulary?

Come on Le Bron, you are all the hope we have!

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