Wednesday, May 6, 2009



Wednesday, 5/6/09, 7:30 PM
Bottom of the 1st, 3 on for Boston, nobody out...YGTBSM!

Tuesday, 5/5/09, afternoon affair
Toronto scores 7 runs in their home half of the 7th inning...YGTBSM!

Masa Kobayashi still in the big leagues...YGTBSM!

Kerry Wood can't figure out how to save a game...YGTBSM!

Kelly Shoppach continues to look at called strike three...YGTBSM!

Luis Valbuena still in the big leagues...YGTBSM!

Cleveland Indians' pitcher's ERA 5.96 (dead last in the American League)...YGTBSM!

Eric Wedge, Mark Shapiro, and Carl Willis still employed...You Really Got To Be Shitting Me!

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