Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can't You Hear My Heart Beat?...No, Not Really!

Heart (noun) spirit, resolution, or courage.

Where is the heart of this ball club?
How do you blow a 2 run performance by your ace with 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th?
Victor has heart.
Valbuena showed he has more than a pulse tonight!
Cliff Lee has it.
Individually, some may have it but as a team...DOA!
As experienced as Kerry Wood is, did you see him become visibly shook tonight as he gave up back to back homers, a walk, a triple to tie the game, and then a sac fly to lose it?
This game was snatched out of the grip of victory. The Indians get a "Wimp" rating on grip.
When the 9th inning started, I felt very, very confident that the win was ours to savor...NOT!
Predictably, as the Royals faithful donned their rally caps, Kerry Wood gave the crowd exactly what they wanted...what they anticipated!
Mr. Dolan, please sell this team!
Thank you Eric Wedge for the great line up tonight!
I am so very serious!
Even though Grady Sizemore was 0 for 4 tonight, do not give up on this line up!
It worked in the first inning and every inning after that.
Cabrera led off the game with a double. Sizemore flew out but advanced Cabrera to third. Martinez drove Cabrera in...Bam...Bam...Bam!
Stay with this line up, fix the bullpen!
Right now, the only answer is to forget your short guys and use your long relievers in all relief situations until a trade can be made.
A trade? Right, that will happen!
Instead we will "Keep at it, get consistent, and grind it out."
Oh well, as bad as things are (and they are terribly bad), I still think this team can turn around!
It will take a new manager, coaching staff, and GM to do it.
Mr. Dolan, please sell this team!

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