Friday, May 15, 2009

Terry Pluto On Mars

Terry Pluto, sports writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer doesn't totally blame Eric Wedge for the demise of the Cleveland Indians the past two seasons...that's nice.
He does feel that the blame is shared with GM Mark Shapiro and the ownership of the team..that's nice, too.

Tell you what...Let's throw a party for all of them, kinda like we did when the '97 Indians lost the World Series to the mercenary Florida Marlins.
Can't you just see the signs and hear the chants..."We're Number 5, We're Number 5!"
There are a lot of guys in Chrysler and GM that wish Terry would switch to writing the Business section for Wall Street.
Perhaps we can get Obama to bail out the Indians, you know, so that they can compete again. After the large bonuses are handed out to the front office and manager, we maybe could afford a pitcher for the bullpen.
Until this team is purchased by someone or some group that can finance the daily and future operations properly, we will be forced to feel fortunate that this team remains in our town. How many years did we tell ourselves, "Bad baseball is better than no baseball."
What if MLB decided to pull the plug on their flailing franchises like Chrysler and GM?
Goodbye Washington, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Cleveland!
It's time for the ownership and management of the Cleveland Indians to grow a pair each and make some bold moves. Last year we were told to wait for 40-50 games. This year they are taking action, aren't they? That sorry excuse of a pitcher Masa Kobayashi is still on this team! If he can't pitch, how much of his salary is he earning shoving hot dogs down his throat in the bullpen each night? This is the kind of thinking and action that makes this team and their ownership second rate. Cut the S.O.B. and move on!
There are some hungry and talented guys in our minor league system and on our bench on the big team that could move in and replace the guys hitting 2 buck and some change.
Stop the bleeding!
Fire Wedge!
Fire Shapiro!
Fire Willis!
Fire Shelton!
Play LaPorta!
Bring up some hungry future stars!
Put the team up for sale!
And stop the @#!!! whimpering and excuse making!
It is the responsibility of the media in Cleveland to call it like it is...Wedge is to blame! So is is ownership! Until we demand a good product, they will give us excuses and no warranty!

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